Please advise on how to successfully use the Tiger UHT against ground targets

Hello everybody.
I’m turning to you to get some tips from the experienced guys.

Somehow I can’t warm up to the Tiger UHT. Now I’m a pretty average player and don’t imagine myself making the big splash. But I felt like I got along better with the predecessors and achieved a balanced KD with the ground targets, although I also played with the BO 105 until 11.7, for example, and was regularly killed by the planes at spawn.

Now I have expanded the Tiger to the point where I can start the GRB with PARS and ATAS and I am disillusioned. I have a handful of problems:

First, I start too late and ground targets are hard to find. (Which is because I either start with the Leo A7 and am “too successful”. Or of course I don’t get anything done here and there.) Solution: I do a death rush with my Puma or Radpanzer 90.

But I don’t see a solution to the other problems:

First: If I find a target, I can’t get a lock with the PARS because (started too late) there are far too many burning wrecks lying around and destroying the lock.

Second: The zoom level is catastrophic. When I’m in shooter mode, I don’t see any targets (even with thermal) because I have to stay far away forever. The Pantsir and VT1 AAs otherwise take me out of the sky faster than I switch to shooter mode. If I zoom in, I can count the pimples on the commanders face of my target, which is 6km away. When I do find it, the image section is so small due to the zoom.

Isn’t there a way to quickly reduce the zoom level? I then crank the mouse wheel to get at least a little out of the zoom.

Of course, these problems are exacerbated because I feel like I don’t have time to even look for ground targets. KHs and AHs shoot at me with the Vikhrs and Hellfire over 8km, while I have to go at 7km. And so I have a duel with them (which is fair, in my opinion, since the PARS are more than useful against helis).

Summary: It feels like I only hunt other helicopters with the Tiger and try to keep planes away from me with the AIMs. For ground targets, I can’t think of how to use the Tiger profitably. Even though it was designed for that. Certainly after more games and therefore more experience (25 games is nothing) more success will follow. But maybe I can benefit from other experiences.

Thanks for reading :-).

Bind the zoom axis to your mouse wheel, that way you can zoom smoothly instead of constantly jumping between min/max zoom with the hotkey.

Honestly there’s not much else you can do in terms of playstyle against ground targets, the PARS is simply that unreliable. If anything you can try to hunt down SPAAs and lighter vehicles for a higher chance of a one-shot kill.