Please Add UH-1D or UH-1H to the U.S.A tech tree / new troop transport mode / Heli PvE obj

So I recently started flying helicopters in the U.S.A tech tree, and was very sad to see that there was no UH-1D Or UH-1H available to the U.S. After some googling, i found out that the UH-1D was manufactured in Germany under license, but was nonetheless used by the U.S during the Vietnam war. The other thing i learned, is that the UH-1D was made as a troop transport, making it 41 inches longer in order to fit the combat role of the C version, while still being able to transport an adequate number of troops. The slightly upgraded version of the D version is the H version, which featured the exact same armament options, but a better engine, allowing it to carry more troops/heavier cargo. The D version also got access to the XM94 mounting system, which would allow for pintle, door mounted M129 40MM grenade launchers. I think adding the UH-1D and/or the UH-1H to the U.S tech tree would be great, not just because having a U.S “Long” huey would be fire, but also because it would give the U.S a classic vietnam heli with not just rockets, AGM-22B’s, or side mounted miniguns, but also an option for pintle door mounted 40mm grenades! essentially making it a cool older version of the more modernized AH Helo varients.
Slideshow: UH-1D and UH-1H - Google Presentaties

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You should add a voting pole about it and some photos showing that the US used it. Or you could make a suggestion about it cause you seem to know a lot about it.

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No problem. Just remember to take a look at other suggestions and the suggestion guide cause its a bit difficult to get it approved. If it does get denied just message a forum mod about why it was denied and they should tell you why it was.

I support the idea to add more Utility helicopter but it would be more interesting and helpful if Gaijin make all Utility helicopter able to carry (Ai) infantry and deploy them in match. That way they’ll have more impact on the match even just carry supply/ammo etc to help teammate ground vehicles at the frontline would also be a cool mechanic.
Else they would still have pretty much the same role as UH-1B/C or AH-1G (which has better armament atm)