Please add more variety to the maps

There’s dozens of maps in the game. It’s quite annoying to be stuck playing the same 3 every time.

I just want them to stop flattening the maps and taking all the firing positions out of them. Punishing players who actually use all of the map versus w-key Timmies just leaves you with boring maps.


The amount of maps in rotation is linked to the number of servers Gaijin is leasing. I’m not quite sure entirely about the underlying infrastructure, but, surely it’s connected to the amount of servers they are leasing at some point in time… They have various game modes and game types to cover, it can get expensive fast. To make it more cost efficient, they need to balance utilization. You can’t have XX% of server resource allocation you paid for sitting idle.

If you just roughly use the AWS calculator for a 50,000 player peak load (just a rough estimate for EU) being able to support 90 game sessions concurrently with 32 players in each session and a 15% idle buffer you are already talking about nearly 25,000 EUR monthly.

TLDR; Renting server resources isn’t cheap, they have to make choices to keep within whatever cost budget they have

Now they’ve ruined Battle of Hurtgen Forest. Flattened hills, removed trees. Now it’s the same generic map as all the others. Very disappointing.