PLease add a score system to recon drones

I ve led a team to a win with a drone by keep marking enemys, AA vehicles prority and then tanks. i hunker down with the 90120 for 20 minutes on a A/B map and get 80 points helping destryoing 10+ vehicles? i runned to the B cap as there was only one player left of russia and i got at least something there but i find it unsatisfying not getting points for “usefull action” in a drone. Let at least mark them like a scout tank, at least for the half period of time a scout vehicles has.


oh i forgot the 80 points were from the start marking a vehicle with the 90120 so no points whatsoever in a drone

Drones should be removed from the game altogether, let alone rewarded more.


There is nothing wrong with using scout drones. Attack drones can be removed though


Drones weren’t needed in any way imo.

Especially now, because you can’t lock them anymore.

No, just remove existing scouting from LT and similar vehicles.

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Yeah… So you want a gameplay mechanic without active counterplay?

You can shoot scouts/LT’s most of time without issues.

Everything in air could be locked by an AA except scout drones. No, scout drones weren’t needed.

lkv sweden i can lock on scout drones…

Ozelot, FlaRakPz, FlaRakRad, Tunguska, Strela, 2S6 and Pantsir can’t.

Just be clear my previous post wasn’t reply to you, if there was some misunderstanding.

that sound like we have finally a counter to the russian bias…

I think that marking a spot where an enemy is and that enemy getting destroyed should be the same as a scout. Just make the scout marker a tiny area where you get the same or 2/3 of the benefits as normal scouting. If the tank moves out of that area and gets destroyed, you get nothing. It incentives teamplay.


Negative, LT at high BR would become simply worse-armored MBT then.
It would be better to suggest for stock recon UAV for LT

To easy for exploit and destroy battles: You just stay at the spawn or just arround, with reduced risks to be kill and just flight with the little drone and marking targets … If you have 3, 4 or 5 players who doing that, yo become said “stop droning, to much players doing that and dont participate at the battle”.

Are you listening to yourself my friend?
You are talking about the advantage of scout drones by providing information to teammates to an overwelmingly victory while asking for more reward.
If the scout drones are given similar marking capabilities as LTs and assist score, the battlefield will be swarmed with drones and make RB just like AB or even worse.
Just think about it.

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not like scout vehicle´s, but at least 5 or 10 points for spottett target that got hit, otherwise sitinng in a tank and using a drone give you ZERO reward at the end of the match.

I think that’s the exact reason why no points are given to drone spots, to prevent players sitting in cover and fly drones for the entire match.

But it gives u a major advantage bc of your own and the teams situational awareness - if communicated right.

But that’s the thing for me personally, scout drones should’ve never be implemented in the first place.

Scouting as is would’ve been enough, if this old mechanic would’ve been bug fixed in the first place…