Pleaaaase fix it! gaijin hates germany wwii forces!

The erroneous flight model that does not correspond to the technical sheet, and the end of the competitiveness of the FW190 (all versions) in simulation mode. (especially A4/A5/D13/D12/D9).

Hello everyone, I would like to post some questions about the FW190 planes (Anton/Dora) and several questions about the “simulator” mode. For those who enjoy playing a game in a competitive and balanced way, this topic deserves your attention. - Questions:

  1. New extremely fast engine warm-up on Anton versions. Could the plane continue at high BR’s with such a steep heating rate? it is no longer enough to have to compete with “stolen” premiums that are faster than the FW, now we have to deal with one of its best features taken from the game: acceleration.

  2. Efficiency and accuracy of the MG-151 guns EXTREMELY low compared to the American .50 (which can hit you from more than 1km away without much difficulty and fire efficiently or cause compromising critical damage, with 1 single burst).

  3. Drag due to the extremely high climb in the Dora versions, not corresponding to the long fairing and aerodynamics, nor to the strong engine (main characteristic of this version).

  4. Extremely fast energy loss compared to other opposing aircraft, both Anton and Dora versions. In parts, when talking about radial engines and without fairing like the Anton versions, a more accentuated energy loss is understandable, but what explains this loss in the Dora versions?

  5. Weird center of gravity at stol speed. Anyone trying to lift the nose of the FW190 and reach a situation of loss of control will find the nose turning towards the plane’s center of mass, and seeking the tail, causing it to enter an infernal spin. Is this correct?

  6. Speed ​​at medium altitudes (3 to 4 km altitude) not compatible with the technical sheet. If you’ve ever been in an FW (any version), you’ll know that many planes from your B.R will overtake you. Is it really that a plane recognized for its speed, and agility would be easily pursued by virtually any aircraft? So the main characteristics of the plane are useless in the game? or is it that the gaijin expects you to enter a turn-fight?

  7. Is the B.R of versions D9, D12, D13 (5.7 and 5.3)

compatible? Keep in mind that you will find enemy planes like: F4U-4, YAK-3U, P-51D-20… among others, they are practically post-war planes.

  1. F4U-4 damage model discrepancy, if you’ve ever fought a F4U-4 head-to-head you’ll know it’s nearly indestructible, a plane with hinged wings and partially exposed radial engine could survive a costly attack. face to face with 3 or 4 20mm guns??? Has anyone ever come across the phrase “critical hit” and seen the F4U-4 continue to fight as if you had fired rubber bullets at it? But wait until he turns the tables and hits you in just one burst with his “amazing” .50s, you’ll just liquefy in mid-flight. (absurd).

Finally, I would like to make it clear that I do not want to overestimate the FW190 or underestimate any aircraft, the question here is: is the FW190 in its rightful place? Is your flight characteristics (game physics) correct in relation to the FW? Could the American .50 be this effective and the German 20mm this bad? Leave your opinions, contrary or not.