Playstation to Pc account

Any idea when they are bringing back the ability to transfer your playstation account to a pc account if at all.


Bro I have been waiting for months! it sucks we get penalized for starting on console. We dont have access to the marketplace and have to buy premium packs on the console. Super infuriating i hope they let us transfer soon!


Finally, a peasant understands that PC is the master race and want to migrate.

bro ive been on pc for years i just set up the account years ago on console i just want to have access to the market and that

I couldn’t agree any more my Man! II downloaded WT on PS4 a few years back and thought the game sucked. 4 months ago, I realized I could play it on my PC so I transfered my account because that’s what I was told to do. I love the game on PC. But now I can’t join the Gaijin store, I can’t change my nickname, I can’t buy packs from Gaijin, and a bunch of other crap. Gaijin is dum,b because I want to spend money, but I am limited because they won’t transfer PS accounts anymore. I have stopped spending any money because of this. It’s stupid.

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