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Tanks as the IS-7, E-100 and many more are now only for sale for pc users. I understand that the game is mainly build for pc. Still it isn’t fair that only pc users can pay to have those amaizing tanks and other vechiels. As a Playstation player I also would like to have my hands on a tank like the IS-7. Why arn’t those special vechiels not maybe avialible on the next WarThunder B-day ? Or on chistman, new year to buy, just for players like PS4 and PS5 players so they maybe can have the Tank, plane or ship they always wanted!

I hope someone can help me and other players!
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xbox and playstation dont allow external markets outside their system simple as that, or you mean them being added for sale in playstation? then you would add vehicles for the price of more then 100 euros in the playstation market, the problem is that the prices arent hard they depend on demand on availability, allowing playstation and xbox players free ability to buy them would give them an unfair advantage if they dont make them a good bit more expensive then the current marketplace price, specialy since their is the opportunity to transfer your account to pc in the future

Ohhhh someone mentioned the Playstation Market again lost count how many times someone has said or asked about this… but I agree they shouldn’t have added something like this that not everyone has access too.

You can trade/buy items on a ton of games that utilize multiple fiat currencies. The entire economy and auction house concept in EA Ultimate team games such as Madden and FIFA are built on it. Rocket League also has a pretty significant trading community.

It would need to be console specific and outside the existing marketplace, but it would be completely feasible and allowed.

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just not allowed for us though :(

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