Playing with submarines

Hello Gaijin, I do not know where else type this post: I beg you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE LET US HAVE THE SUBMARINES IN GAME FOREVER!!!
I enjoy very much to play with U-boot, can you please put them in game?

I would appreciate very much if you would do it!!!

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And also the sub from other nations I hope.

And anti-submarine vessels

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Might take a rework to implement them into the existing naval modes. I think they would be interesting to see in naval, only I feel like they don’t really fit in the current model.

Some maps are too shallow for submarines to operate. May limit their use on some coastal and blue water maps.

Some maps in blue water are massive. It may take too long to get within range to use submarine torpedoes.

With the current state of naval, I’m sure those who play would like to see requested improvements before we add any subs to the game mode.

Not really the Japanese British Germans all used smaller coastal submarines, and midget subs in shallower depths, and interestingly I think it was Italians used Human mounted torpedoes.

They shouldnt add anything else into naval until they can hire some naval map devs who know what a pvp game is. I swear we could hire a local middle school class to make better naval maps where you are not in direct line of sight to the enemy spawn.

I would love it for Coastal, finally those depth charges would make sense:)

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Lots of PT boats and destroyers have depth charges, even hedgehog mortars etc., for long time now and they are pretty much useless without subs.


On the topic of submarines, I got all the achievements for the event, and it wasn’t until the last match that someone explained how to ascend and descend. I didn’t know you could dive deeper or come back up to surface. I would just press R when it was time to dive, and pressing it again later in the match never seemed to do anything, so I was always at the default 7 meters. I realize now I should have viewed the controls, but I assumed the default UI was telling me all I needed to know. I feel dumb, but probably others out there that didn’t figure it out for a long time.

Didn’t you find it weird that you can’t control the depth?

Yep. I wasn’t thinking like they were adding it to the game. I thought it was another dumb gimmick half thought out. I was too busy trying to figure out how the combat in the match worked anyway. Also the mini-map drove me insane. It was completely useless.

When you first play as a submarine instead of vs. submarines, you have no idea how they’re able to find you.

Fortunately, I already had some experience from the April Fool’s submarines, so in two battles I already knew how to fully control the submarine, and in the third battle I already had effective tactics.

I must say that it was a fun event. I would definitely welcome submarines in standard naval battles.

Had they improved since the april fools event?

Definitely. But in April fools event was modern nuclear submarines.