Playing only with 1st era tanks


I am bit new here and if this subject is already covered please help me and guide me to that area if possible.

I like WoT and i like to play - however I am fan of 1st era tanks and playing them gives me a lot of fan. Is there any way to be assigned only to games with 1st/2nd ra tanks? Obviously my tanks are also supposed to belong to this initial era.

What. You need to specify more on what you mean by 1st Era tanks.

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I guess, he means Tier I tanks.

@Obolobo97212 : you can always meet enemies with a BR of 1.0 above your highest vehicle in the matches you play. That is the only way for you to select the vehicles that can appear in your matches.

Prob meant that I’m assuming though he was asking if there was a way to only fight 1.0 vehicles and if you do read this Obo. No, you cannot. BRs(Battle ratings) will go from 1.0->2.0(Being the highest you may fight if they get down-tiered)

So realistically it will be 1.0 tanks, 1.3 and 1.7 tanks with the rare 2.0 tank or 2.3 tank. Which are not any better than the tanks you are using if you know where to aim.

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There is NO WAY to limit the era. The tanks in match will be up to +1BR of your BEST VEHICLE.

Using 1.0 tanks is actually a bad idea as they are pulled frequently into 2.0 matches as there are more players there (than still using only 1.0).

There are some BRs that are better (in Arcade)…one being 2.3…as you are not pulled into 3.7 matches where there are a lot of players. At 2.7 it becomes harder. So…if you want early tanks, play from 1.7 to 2.3…best you can do.

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We got it Ghost thanks though.

Thank you that was link I was looking for. I just assigned all my teams to tanks belonging to 1st era and now I do play only with 1st era tanks!

Play 2.0br vehicles

Not 2.3, not 2.7, 2.0