Players getting better wont solve anything

i had this on my mind for quite a while now, dont get me wrong, im a good player, here are my statistics on french vehicles which i started to grind recently:

i would like to point out the fruitless argument i keep seeing on forums again and again “players should get better”;

  • airfield AAA? “its always bad players that AF camp”

  • bad teams? “bad players shouldnt get to top tier” (ok, this is extracted argument, from “it takes skill to get to the top tier”)

  • bomber spam? “its bad players who use bombers, because they are so bad with fighters”

and this has negative consequences on the game, why? because even if those players will get better, then there will be new set of “bad” players to replace them, there will be always somebody with worse skill - thus “solutions” that were meant so improve the game just hurt everybody in the end;

  • removing airfield AAA? whoever climbs highest will club everyone and there is nothing planes that just rearmed can do about it. bad players will also likely take opportunity and camp enemy AF for landing planes.

  • bad teams? now grind is insanely long even for good players

  • bomber spam? now bombers are bad even in hands of a skilled pilot, air rb is simply shaped in a way to exclude them.

and shaping the game to make those people suffer and push them into “getting better” doesnt solve anything, even if they get better, it just makes game issues no longer apply to them, but somebody else.

so please, next time you argue about something, keep those people in mind, somebody will always be worse than others; imagine how game would be enjoyable for everyone and steer it the correct path.

although i mainly play air rb, i feel these issues are prevalent in other game modes too.

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Bombers are now so bad in AB/RB that you end up dead before reaching the target.

Removing AA in airfield more stupid because now you have people camping around spawn in high attitude already.

In my opion things like AA should stay actieve to prevent players camping around enemy airfield.


yes! i played IL-10 some time ago, off to destroy some ground troops.

result? in most matches i either died or ended up rtb with 2-3 player kills and 0 ground troops destroyed, in some precious matches i managed to cas properly and actually have fun making things go boom

here is screenshot for proof, notice that i have more aircraft kills than matches played in 1946 variant, attackers are supposed to cas not dogfight!

Anyone who coins bad teams or bad players is merely making excuses as to why the fault isn’t theirs…

Those that get upset at players going back to the airfield are merely upset that they can’t stop the player from outplaying them because often the only solution they see is to frag them, where the missions AI, and the mission itself, can favour them IF they recognize it before it’s too late.

This, comes back to awareness and actual thinking.

It’s not about being good in much of the game, it’s merely about being aware and actually working with the team, rather than blaming everything to avoid acknowledging the singular.

And as for this ‘arguing’ your seeing, commonly if there’s any counter to someones thread, or opinion, they take it personally and get all angry about being defied or something… It’s rather common with this game, in the forums, in the chats, in the matches…

If you oppose someone, MANY take it personally and get VERY upset…

i have to disagree, sometimes there is just nohting a guy could do (Lord Have Mercy On Me (German Teams Experience) - YouTube)

the problem isnt people blaming noobs for it, but being upset at all!

why do defeats feel so punishing? because rewards are garbage when you win already, let alone lose.

this claim is just another side of the extreme. I do agree with the rest of what you said though, there are people who will blame you for being bad, yet not lend a hand when you are being slowly gunned down by a plane better in every aspect

Maybe you’re just new to the game and the playerbase… So many go absolutely nuts at their teams for not doing what they think is what the team should do, they then get rancid at the team because they weren’t saved, or hit the player that they were pinging because they were being shot at them, because they just drove straight out into the open.

The fact that a general portion of society lack the maturity to see that the game goes both ways, and for you to frag, someone needs to be fragged, points to a problem with them, not with the game itself.

The fact that you link up a memelord video trying to make out that things are so bad, with the old German teams trope is merely what people click and make popular because it’s funny because it’s ‘so true’ for them, and that is with solid blinkers on because chances are many of thjem, didn’t even try to communicatew or plan with the team.

And with that, it definitely comes down to the player.

If you don’t try, then don’t cry when you fail. It’s not that hard to even put out and ask for tactics, or plans from the team when you are waiting to spawn, but absolute crap all do it…

And again, that comes to the players.

((Edit - Also, you have the ability to make a quarter of the team, yours… But literally no-one does… Everyone lone wolfs, don’t even try communicating with their auto-squadie…))

oh, you meant the bad players complaining about teams, yeah, i encountered many, im lvl 100 after all, but there have also been handful of cases where i had to fight entire enemy team myself, or saw somebody else do.