Player opinion on the World War mode

Basically, this post will talk about what your guy’s thoughts were about this mode.

What you guys expected, what we got, and what you’d like to see if it get’s looked at again by the snail.

Guess ill start off by saying that when it first came out, it seemed like it was going to be what battlefield does with their Conquest mode or what the game foxhole is basically. Large scale war with battles that could influence part’s of the map.

Once it came out, it seemed more squad oriented and far more restrictive in what we were allowed to do, with only squad’s being able to start them iirc.

Back then I was in an actual squadron. I disliked it (world war mode) heavily.

Most of the time there was one nation that just had the better choice of vehicles (as in, higher BR vehicle choices). Additionally, random people having the ability to join meant that most “matches” were decided by whatever team had the most random people joining it, which usually would be the nation with the “better” tanks.

There was barely any skill in that gamemode, and it just wasn’t fun.

I think they should scrap it, and work on something better

It’s always the same pattern with this company. Introduce something with high potential but completely imbalanced and broken. Then refuse to update, develop and iterate. People stop playing it and Gaijin thinks players didn’t like it.

  • WWM could have been big, but the mode practically didn’t evolve past its alpha state.
  • RB EC mode could have been something that draws millions of new players into the game, but they refuse to re-introduce it in fear of losing players for their main 5 minute 16v16 flustercluck team deathmatch mode (AIR RB). Not to mention the SB EC hasn’t been updated (in a positive way) in years.
  • PVE mode is played only because of the free booster and a place to grind stock modules “safely”. These modes could have been something awesome, but again, they remain practically in the exact same unfun state they have been introduced in so many years ago.
  • They tested a push like game mode for tanks, but completely botched the balance, refused to listen to our feedback and just written it off as - unpopular.

I just wish they’d sell the game to Microsoft at this point.


As a member of EPiK squadron, I loved WWM.

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You wrote pretty much my thoughts on it. So much potential and what WT really should be about, but no, we get CoD… in tanks.

I’d actually like to see it again. I wasn’t playing last time it was around and kind of want to experience it. But from what I have read here, I may not end up liking it, but who knows.

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No. Just Just NO. You think WT is bad with Gaijin under Microsoft who knows where it will be sent? You’re requesting a gamble.

It’s a request for the game to die faster😂

And you would complain when you have nothing else to play related to a niche subgenre. Since no other game aside Arcady WOT even comes near to the sheer amount of vehicles that WT has. One word I’d use for this is called contrition. You and others managed to get rid of WT. Oh my, it’s gone. A year or 2 later your brain is like “Hey remember when you used to play that game War Something”. So you decided to try to hop onto it…and it’s gone. Regret sinks in when you realize why it’s gone and you and many are why.

This is a common thing not just for games but company’s, products etc.

Why’d you attack me? What’d I do to you? I literally don’t want it to go to Microsoft… See that laughing emoji??? It’s supposed to be funny, it’s a joke. If it was sold to Microsoft then the game would dies faster.

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I didn’t attack you. If you read my comment it was a general not a direct.
To gibe you context, one is just stating what someone else or yourself could react with in the long term. The other is me pointing fingers and sending insults. Which is the 1st one not the second.

That seems pretty direct…

And again

3rd time


5th and final you/your

You and your are 2nd person pronouns meant to be directed at someone (AKA me)

Do you understand the concept of speaking in the 3rd person?. Now if you want direct I recommend learning what speaking in the third person is since you need to learn it.

“I didn’t mean to attack you” -Sinister

“Well fuck it im the victim”


I am an Arcade players because I need markers as my eyesight is not very good. I tried World War once and I could not cope there because of no markers. I hope that one day Gaijin offer an Arcade version World War.

Personally i quite liked world war mode and wish it would come back

My issue with it is that it was a good proof of concept but its execution was horrible. WWM should have been a mode of tactics, communication, and strategy. Not let’s put one guy as a leader, not able to communicate with him and hope he can figure how to play.

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Clearly states that you is a 2nd person pronoun, that is NOT used in 3rd person…