Played naval your MM needs a rework

Naval MM is very imbalanced last game I played 7.0 I didnt even play any BB or heavy cruiser because entire team was ships that shouldnt face 6.0 or 7.0 because they in 5.0 or under vehicle … Results where nobody on our team got 1 kill vs 12 actual players … Nations where the same so how come its only BB.s and heavy cruisers vs DD’s and patrol boats thats just not balanced and only 1 side gets to play

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I have to constantly face uptiers to 5.7 in my 5.0 destroyer lineup. It’s hard to play anything and it’s either you sealclubbing or you get sealclubbed. They talked about more “breathing room” when they added a new Rank, but the BRs are still the same. I just can’t use the same ships to grind the top BR ships I was grinding anymore. There is even a big difference between cruisers that are at 5.7 and 6.0, but the ships are all still compressed and there is no “breathing room.”
Yes, there are too many matches where one team ends up with 95% of the tickets at the end of the match. What also sucks that there are still bugs that you get an assist instead of getting the kill or you get nothing when you were supposed to get an assist. This really sucks especially during events that you need to get such and such game score.
Btw, the MM has been like this since forever, so don’t hold your breath.

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Naval RB is completely broken. Vehicle balance is non existant. You can get into a match with a 2.7 boat with a couple of light guns and face a Bussard, a Pr 204 and a Sparviero, for instance. Which means you will die instantly, sometimes without even knowing why. The maps are generally awful and the game mode in itself is terrible. AB is barely better but in general, they are so terribly broken and so newbie unfriendly that it largely explains why no one plays Naval and people prefer to play naval with the competition rather than a Gaijin game (even if they like WT for ground and air), simply because the game balance and map design is infinitely superior there.


Oh come on. Its fun to face battlecruisers in 4.7 destroyers that they can’t pen so you have to make kamakazi torpedo runs on them. /s

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They dont play naval because of ADD, not because its broken.

Also, queue times in coastal are pretty good.

if you think thats bad try 5.0 eventually you will run into someone with the better heavy cruisers that will just wipe the entire map almost solo while noone can hurt em . Certain ships should just be made impossible to match against destroyers (and some light cruisers) because there is just a huge firepower gap. Ground got this in one of the recent updates and it was great so i hope naval gets it too.