Plans for Germany

As a Germany main, we need to know the upcoming plans since they were always two or three updates behind everyone. including this update, which they gave us a 2a5 that is three years late. A simple “we have plans for Germany” won’t do give stuff that can compete. everyone else has more than 3 or more MBTs (russia)

  1. A premium Helicopter to help with the grind
  2. Spike on Puma
  3. Leo2a6Ex

Soviets have 1 11.7, the rest are inferior to Germany’s 3 MBTs, and on-par with 2PL.
Not sure why you want 2A6EX when it’s just a PSO without the engine or side armor.

Mi-24 isn’t for sale anymore? If not, then that should be brought back.
I agree with adding a PUMA with Spikes now.

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The EX is improved power for the powerplant.

mi-24 is worthless compared to USA/RU ka50 and Ah64

Russia’s Bvm and the Co have just different ERA and shells that’s about it. T80u/uk BVM that’s 3 tanks that are 11.7 worthy and don’t forget the bmp2m plus Cas. Does that compare to Germany?


Oh, so it’s just PSO without the extra side armor then.
Fair enough.

To put my two cents of Germany right now: I use 2A5 & 2PL for my top MBTs, with a Mig-29 as anti-CAS, Tornado as my primary CAS, and that’s it. 2 MBT spawns is 99% of my top WT matches, tho PSO will be interesting to use whenever I get it.

I think the biggest thing lacking from Germany right now is a better light tank to TAM 2C, then again I don’t have mine spaded yet so I just haven’t used it in top matches currently.

I would settle with the PSO with better Hull armor and finally a fix for the PUMA for now


All the TAMs are useless because they have low mobility, and the post-pen damage is terrible; the Tam just feels like a 9.7 tank, not something you can bring in top tier.

I also run that lineup plus 2a6, Flarakrad (which they gutted) and Puma. Pre-tornado we used the gimped F4f with only 2 Mavericks.

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I guess they’re not coming in this update…cant give Germany anything useful in its prime time

Armor on ex:
Demo 2 hull with Europowerpack (1650 h.p)
If you don’t understand, keep quiet

Just so you know, PSO is a 2A6EX hull with 2A5 improved turret. SO yeah, there should be side AND front armor on PSO, which would make it an actual armored Leopard in german tech tree, that would be greatly appreciated.

I know that. Thanks