Planned technical works - 01.04.2024

God damn

Screenshot 2024-04-01 163114

i wonder if i even got the update yet as my download that just happened was like ~100MB…

Edit: just got a 1,01GB update.

damn it shows 4.8gb on steam now

When r we gettin our servers back with the april fools update

Yea fr, they didn’t rlly specify

they’re up for me right now so just try again

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alr thx

what time does the april fools event start

yup they are back but where is the update

Likely the download is to preload the needed files for the event and then they’ll release the event later on

nothing changes lol


Someone has already gotten the files from the update with 2 images below the post

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Well they better hurry up. Its early evening on the 1st here. Will be the 2nd by the time it gets going!

Aus will be in the 2nd in 6 hours so the update is pretty late

NT here, so half an hour ahead of you…

I think you guessed it)

MAD MAX so the desert again ;)

bro straight up got it right

Guys i am sorry, but after patch i do lose RAF royal air force emblem event. Should be to the tomorrow. Take a look at this, thanks