Planned technical works - 01.04.2024

My prediction is a twisted metal style vehicle fight thing.

And then testing for…I don’t know something?

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What a wonderful and bright day to have a tecnical update on!

I really want to play that again. Because the current WOT is very poor, filled with fictional vehicles. It should continue as a cyclical activity.

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Event will be modern ships

yeah baby, my time has finally come, have been saving up M855A1 since January. I’m gonna kill you all and rob all your loots.

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Hey buddy how’s it going ?

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I do wonder what this april fools is about, there has been no hints, no dev blog, no nothing this time around, so what could it possibly be?

oh well this marks a year playing wt for me



Aprill fools update

Imagine the joke was that there is no april fools event

bro the update is 1.4gb wtf

imagine a 100GB client update and then when logging in there is just a big image with:
“HAHA APRIL FOOLS! That 100GB did nothing and changed nothing to anything and is just this image and it will now be deleted!”


2GB DL … pfffffffffffff

Only 1.2Gb here
Big jump in update

can’t wait to see what event is gonna take up 2gb

Is the forum hosted on the same servers as the game??
every time there is a server update the forum slows down to a crawl and posting takes ten times longer.

does anyone know hen will wt live be open again, I wanna browse some camps

update finished but the server is still down XD