Planned technical works - 01.04.2024


see im just too good

Imagine if the april fools event was,
that there were no event


I just updated 2 gigs for what? Nothing basicly

dont tell me this is a copy of crossout


it does sound kinda sick tho

cmon an hour and a half more to wait? dduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudddeeeeeeeeeee i cant wait anymore I woke up early for this

it looks exactly the same as crosscut wtf

yeah but wt style thats awsome

I always wanted to customize a wt vehicle by adding REAL things not just “researching” modifications to boost my tech tree when I max my vehicle

hopefully this game mode could give to drift around in wt

cuz every time I do it in my radkampfvagen90 i get stopped by some random APFSDS round

I do the same at 11.3 with my BT5 execpt I eat 7 APFSDS rounds before dying to an MG

yeah I rly miss the halloween hellcat race game mode

it 8 minutes left, I can’t wait

I am in game now, where is update

There’s still around an hour left until the event