Planned Progression Changes in November

RP costs for ground line tier 6-7 will be reduced just like in air, once we get tier 8 ground

Grinding the new batch of top tier vehicles will be still as hard as it is today Even if the vehicles before it get a reduced cost.

Rank 8 is the negative, reducing the effectiveness of rank 6 premiums and overall increasing RP requirements for researching new vehicles. Just like rank 8 for aviation and rank 6 for naval, it’s nothing but negative.

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Is this a joke? Give me one more week.

no, you’ve had since before the boycott started to finish it.

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why the hell since then

you are right, they announced that happening god knows how long ago, it pretty much supposed to be that those who started it already are able to finish it

they wanted to icnrease its price and general costs increase and then reverted it after backlash, but that change very well still was supposed to come

So instead of lowering the modification rp and giving us the mods we would’ve already researched, you also reduced our modification RP THAT WE ALREADY HAD…!?

I had over 390K RP on F14B modifications(checked it yesterday for exactly this reason), but now i have only 199K, because apparently i didn’t already grind almost 400K…

I specifically checked that i should get 10 or so vehicles fully spaded after this change, because i already had more MOD RP than the damn vehicles cost to research.

Another disappointment “for a change” i guess.

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is it still the same % of max as before?
It might have adjusted to be the same total RP in relation to fully researched.

Not that i agree with what they have done if that is the case, i’m just curious.

I think they did that.

It’s basically fraud. I already ground those 390K needed to spade the damn vehicle and they just took it away.

Hundreds of kills, matches and minutes i can’t get back just wasted.

Honestly such a joke.

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I had many modifications researched halfway through (on Type 81C, F-16C, Leopard 2PSO and others) which have been immediately unlocked after this update.

good job on removing the end of line RP penalties. Very welcome change after so long

No what?

Sure they unlocked the mods you were researching, but that doesn’t change the fact that they also lowered the amount of MOD RP you already had acquired.

For example F14B takes 300K or something to fully spade now. I had already 100K more than that, but now i have to grind 100K again and that’s just pure bullshit.

It’s like collecting money for a car, you have 20K and they lower the price from 25K to 15K, but also lower your collected money to 10K.
Where did the 10K vanish?

Where tf is my 200K RP?


Id that RP had vanished, then I wouldn’t have immediately unlocked modules I had barely researched halfway through on multiple vehicles.

some of it does “vanish” though.
if you have in total collected 100k RP and the total was 200K to fully research all modules of a vehicle and they then change the total to 100K and your already collected to 50K to make the % the same you “loose” 50K of the RP you had already collected.
So instead of keeping the 100K previously collected, making the tank modules now fully researched, they lowered the amount of collected RP.

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Holy shit dude it literally tells you how much MOD RP you have…

I had over 390K on F14B and now 199K on the same goddamn vehicle.
How do you explain that if none of it disappeared?

I should’ve spaded the vehicle instantly if they didn’t take any of my ALREADY ACQUIRED RP away.

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Please read topic.

  1. Yes
  2. No
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@Stona_WT I have read the topic but there is no explanation of what I am talking about in it from what I can see. I have read it three times.


So that RP “vanishes” just as i said?


Seeing multiple end of tree vehicles I’ve unlocked go from 500K RP to spade to 300K is quite pleasing.
Some of them are still painful stock but this is a huge step forward for those of us with multiple end of tree vehicles in multiple nations and I’m happy this change was implemented.