Planned Battle Rating changes for the month of October

Yes GL sniping his rounded bouncy cupola while he left click you center mass, I can kill a KT H with the M26 that isn’t the point. And if you think you are better than me with the Peshing my IGN is right there, if there’s anyone here that needs to learn to play the M26 better it’s you my friend.



@Headnaught how the hell isn’t the Vidar being touched?

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No, they are quite trolly.

I’m not saying they were op, I’m just not surprised that they went up because they were quite good.


VIDAR is moving to 8.0 with the changes


As is all armor with lower velocity shells

There is no justification for their increase it ruins both respective 4.7 lineups

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That tank should be 8.7

The ZTZ59D1 is losing its thermals and twoplane and is only dropping to 8.3

Gaijin can’t stop being greedy for 0.1 seconds even when destroying every viable WW2 lineup for all three major nations



There needs to be clarification on the ZTZ59D1’s nerf

What is the reasoning behind it


I mean, yeah it should be higher, I was just saying it is moving to 8.0 where the IS-2 (1944) won’t fight it

You seem to have the idea that something needs to be inherently overpowered to be moved up.

Something that is actually overpowered would be moved up a lot more than 0.3 BRs higher. The M4A1 (76) was really good, not quite overpowered, but definitely one of the best 4.7s in the entire game. It going to 5.0 is something that is entirely warranted, whether it ruins your 4.7 lineup or not.


Foch had an autoloader?

Ok I mean, they aren’t too bad. A lot of late ww2 tanks moving up. I feel like the VIDAR could go up higher than just 8.0. Also how long do we have to wait until the t25s br is lowered? Seriously, at 6.3, while being worse than the early panthers in every possible aspect.


You seem to not understand the value of lineups and that both vehicles being moved to 5.0 put them in a useless position with no justification to bring them out since you will be facing 5.7 tanks 9/10 matches

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So you mean it’s ok to move everything with ty90s to at least 10.7 against all the other helis that can kill you two times of the distance than you do while you can’t even lock on them? You do know that CAS are more broken nowadays right? What’s wrong with having some good air defense tool? TY90s have already been nerfed twice and if you pay attention and do your SA, you can dodge them with no problem.


I value lineups immensely. But it doesn’t change the fact that the M4A1 (76) was a bit too good for 4.7.


I mean, the American 4.7 lineup has already kinda moved to 5.0 with the M6A1 and T1E1

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It should be 8.7 due to its features

8.0 still places it against early cold war tanks this vehicle is a modern vehicle its placement is not justified

Premiums should be scrutinized much harder allowing any semblance of unbalance is unjustifiable

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Now that your rebalancing French Autoloaders you should take a gander at the Leclerc’s autoloader it no longer has a reason to be at 6 seconds in the current game when we all know it can do 4

There is no American 5.0 lineup

The T1E1 should be moved to 5.3

The M6A1 should drop to 4.7

The M4A1 76 should have stayed at 4.7

This allowed M6A1 / M4A1 76 / M42 Duster / CAS / Plane

Instead you have two tanks at 5.0 which are useless to bring as they will consistently face 5.7 tanks, if you’re fighting 5.7 might as well play 5.3 and take the Jumbo / M4A2 76 / T1E1 / M36 / CAS


If these are all going to be 5.0 now, then this is your 5.0 lineup. Not everything has to be of that specific BR to validate it as a lineup.

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