Planned Battle Rating changes for the month of October

The question is: what is the source?

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M26 shouldn’t be the same BR as the Tiger II H, that vehicle just ignores your armor and forces you to use mediocre low damage APCR to have a chance to fight back, and even shooting his barrel isn’t really reliable after the damage model changes. They aren’t anywhere equivalent, this is just terrible balance.

Neither should Tiger II P be the same BR as the Tiger II H. Neither should the IS-2 1944 be the same BR as the Tiger II H when it’s worse at every possible way.


IMO a tank that has to load a specific shell just to pen the weakspot of something shouldn’t be the same br, and yes the same goes for the T-44 but at least it has mobility on its side


It have other advantages, a good F-100D will be unscathed by all Subsonic aircrafts

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I never had problem kill M-26 in KT-2H/P

object 279 should stay at 8.7 at the moment !
object 279 should be moved to 9.0 when rank 8 gets added !
why ?
object 279 at 9.0 will be outclassed by everything and face dm33+ rounds.
also object 279 have no thermals or laser range finder and no smoke only ESS which does not help against tank with thermals and object 279 have only BR-482B no heat or apdfs rounds.
object 279 is limited event tank with good players it’s (limited event tank only can be obtained in the market for 600$+ price) this tank have no place to face 10.0 tanks at the moment.
when rank 8 get added and br 12.3 or 12.7 get added a lot of these 9.3+ tank should be moved to 10.3+ and then 279 can be moved up but 279 face 10.0 not fair for both 7.7 tanks and object 279.


If it decides to run, sure. But in an active dogfight it will just be free food for Mig 15s and Sabres
Don’t forget that french one only has AIM-9B and not AIM-9E

If you do enter a Dogfight with those aircrafts then you already made mistakes ^^"

French one is doomed because Gaijin doomed the whole French TT since the start,…

Massives issues of every aircraft/tanks, that took nearly 2 years to be fixed at some point.

And even now Magic-II Missile is not modelized at it’s full capability.


That’s exactly what he is saying, that the Tiger IIs don’t have issues killing the M26.


That is true but you can’t do much. You can’t sling missiles because they are only AIM-9B and boom and zoom won’t get you far in jet br

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As someone who has fought F-100s in those planes, I can confirm, F-100s are easy prey in aa dogfight.

move the kugelblitz to 6.7 or even lower. It’s a ww2 spaa and has no line up at 7.0



Neither of these tanks have armor that justifies their increase

The KV-85 and M4A1 76 serve an important role in penetrating up armored mid war tanks like the Churchill VII

Moving the M4A1 76 to 4.7 removes any reason for playing it, the M6A1 should have been moved down to 4.7 to retain a mid war bracket for the USA, instead you’ve made both tanks worthless with no redeeming factors justifying their existence.

You would be better suited removing them from the tree at this point.


The other way around is also true btw.

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TY-90s are beyond broken against air targets, so makes sense


M26 can also kill a T-80 if the enemy is stupid enough, let’s put it there next. Doesn’t change the fact the Tiger II H is simply a much better vehicle.


Why on god’s green earth is the YAH-64 with no countermeasures or a2a options getting placed at 11.0 with the KA-50/MI-28N/64DJP?

It has 16x hellfire Bs. That’s it, no IRCM/DIRCM/CM at all. Just an airframe with 16 of the worst hellfires in game.

Its competition at a minimum has Hellfire Ks, wingtip ATAS, and countermeasures (64DJP)

Its soviet competitors get MAWS and 12 vikhrs, or 16x Atakas and countermeasures.


M4A1 76 was really good at 4.7, same with the Kv-85.

Then going up wouldn’t be much of an issue if the matchmaking was balanced between uptiers and downtiers.


M-26 can destroy KT-II(H) and P from front with M82,… just learn weakspots.


the M26 can’t kill the Tiger II (H) nearly as the Tiger II (H) can kill an M26, M26 has to first load low damage APCR then shoot the relatively small turret face weakspot, whereas the Tiger II (H) can just look at the M26 and click