Planes shouldn't be able to tell type of ground vehicle unless it's been scouted

Getting old that as soon as a plane spawns and sees an open top SPG that they hone right in… Should have to either visually confirm (some distance requirement before ID), or be scouted by a scout or nearby enemy. All SPGs and SPAA are is bait for the attack planes. Bombers should see markers, but not know the type unless scouted by ground.

There’s no minimap showing CAS what vehicle type is on the ground / their relative position to it, wdym?

Mate it doesn’t take a person with a Ph.D. to figure out what 1+1 equals. I see tank, only giant ass cannon, it open top. I throw bomb, strafe, or love tap or even just ram it.

Should have clarified this is in Arcade… As soon as a bomber or attack plane spawns it knows what and where the enemy are. So them home in on the easy targets (SPG, light tanks and SPAA) unless they are playing to win then they might bomb a capture point.

Since it’s Arcade, ALL planes should see the all markers, but the problem is showing the tank type cause this is what helps CAS prioritize their targets.
It was worse in the past when names would also show up in the markers, then you could really pick who you wanted to kill. Now they removed the markers for all fighters, which helped a bit the life to light or open top vehicles but I think is still very negative to those that are playing the interceptor role since you cannot even see your own tank marker and sometimes you get bombed while you’re in the air trying to stop CAS. The tank type marker advantage remains with CAS but not with the interceptors who are trying to stop it.

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