Planes are NOT dying in air RB

What the F**k have you done to air RB? @Gunjob ??? That BS is happening constantly, plane shredded to pieces, another 2 passes with hits only and hes fine. Then he gets rammed by ally and no kill. You set absurd ammounts of score for event and present us with THIS dumb shit??? Hits with 30kilo missile warheads are doing same crap. WTF have you done. I remember gaijin saying “we did some changes for internal testing but you wont notice change”. I call bullshit. You lied AGAIN. It changed a lot. Certainly dead planes are allive, free to kill steal or be rammed without any kill whatsoever. After losing ANY part of plane that ends its controlled flight, kill should be credited, not this BS.

yeah, hes certainly flying back like this, let him stay alive…

Gunjob is just a tech mod. Hes not going to be able to comment on this at all btw.

Why does gunjob always have to be the allpraised jesus/punching bag of the forum members when there is something about the game that awakes feelings? :D

On the British threads, he’s done a lot of work for our aircraft and tends to be really good in actually passing bug reports onto the devs/helping them get to the point where they need to be to be passed on. He also has a huge library of IRL stuff, like manuals for aircraft , that is great for bug reporting/asking questions. But for something like this thread, it does feel random

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Anyway. This change was likely influenced by the fact that people didn’t want to be counted as dead from just by having their wing fall off, so they could fly their badly damaged plane to the base and repair it instead of being told to ‘‘J out’’ after all that effort.

So, as a side effect, now you have planes out of control, falling down, that don’t count as dead yet.

This change really came from the community complaining about the opposite issue where everyone was counted as dead too easy. Gaijin did not do this maliciously but its extremely hard to make the game figure wether you are going to die or not at the time of your wing falling off. Its not just ‘‘well if you’re in a flatspin, make the game count you as dead’’ thing. Not that easy.

Looks like this:

Is just coming into affect. Thats all. But as always, the devs have done it wrong

the difference is, you are NOT comming back with this… EVER

I was able to return one of my jets back to the base without a tail by using the flaps for controlling my altitude/nose pointing, after recovering from a flatspin.

Anyway, this system is quite new and it is being polished still, so issues like that are expectable. You can hope for it to get better as time goes on.

Ive somehow managed to land a Lightning F6, with no vertical stabiliser, in SB before. The guy that shot me was very very confused. Though that F-111 does look more damaged than that.

Missing one vert stab, whole horizontal stab, one engine dead - assymetrical thrust on plane without vert stab = death sentence. Should have been dead. Firs picture is after 2 passes with hits only, no kill… how TF am i supposed to kill it when i cant with countless hits? No wings, no tail, no engine… still alive.

If it was once in 10-20 battles… but its EVERY battle i play. Its either missile doing only hit, leaving enemy spiraling down, being KSed, or cannon hits leaving plane uncontrollable, he slowly flies towards the ground - KS again. I lost like 40 kills that way on gripen in barely 100 battles.

Im guessing hte system is looking at indvidual damage and not the impact of multiple damage points.


  • No vertical stabiliser isn’t necessarily a kill (I’ve landed that more than a few times)
  • 1 dead engine is also fine, many twin engines can fly fine with 1 engine.

For some reason its not looking at the combined impact of the damage. Though it is possible that a really skilled pilot could land that. Would be stupidly hard though. But it burning, with all the other damage, yeah that should be dead.

But I think anyone with common sense knew this is what the new damage mechanic was going to do though and many people called them out for exactly this scenario, with it resulting in more kill-steals and not less like they claimed.

This was introduced, because tank players complained about being killed by aircraft that were already “dead”.


Yeah sure, scare away one of the better tech mods by dumb and random attack threads like this, lol.

He ain’t dev.

Once that mechanic comes into play, and you shoot a plane to bits but he’s not dead and someone else comes along and tears him to shreds, you both get a kill. There shouldn’t be any more kill stealing after they have fully implemented this. It is NOT implemented currently either.

Good points, but I think I might have an idea.

As you said, the game cannot always tell the full extent of damages or accurately predict flightworthyness. I would hate to be forcibly bailed out of a salvageable aircraft. On the other hand, it also sucks to have to spend more ammo/missiles than neccesary to “secure” kills which are obviously irrecoverable.

Human beings can however. In most cases the player can immidiately tell whether or not they’re done for. The problem lies in the fact that some choose not to “j” out. This can be for many reasons, one being spite (hoping their killer’s kill is stolen) or simply coping with their loss.

If the goal is to make the player bail ASAP if not recoverable, then this could be encouraged through an extra reward. Think of it as a bonus for preserving the life of your pilot/crew. This allows players to attempt a recovery only if they deem it feasible, or accept the loss of their aircraft quicker, which minimizes opportunities for potential “kill stealing”.

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Sounds ideal except for the part where people will try to recover anyway until the last second because they can J out after trying to save their plane, which would mean flatspinning for like 30 seconds then getting a reward, still kill stealable.

There is no change at all. If you loose more than a wingtip by ripping, your dead.

The only thing changed some time ago, you can repair while dead and respawn. But death is still yours.

I can’t recall that being true always.