Planes and Helicopters is realistic battle mode

War Thunder should reduce the spawn points on planes and helicopters so if we want to, we can start! off in the game in the realistic mode in a helicopter or a plane and not just a tank and we should be able to play anything that we have in our lineup at the start of the game! And open up all the maps to their full size if they did this, I think it would be more fun to play


Yes please. I can’t wait to spawn an SPAA first and get a nuke’s worth of kills at match start.


Right if KA50/52 rush was not enough in top why not lower in mid tier do so we can beat the crap out of players in GRB instead. We should remove GRB because everybody now can jump into heli/CAS/jet anyway like you suggest. Idea is stupid and give advantage to veteran and creditcard players.

I think they should get rid of the nukes in the game because of the fact I have been in games that we won and then the enemy dropped a nuke at the very last part of the game before the time ran out and the enemy won the game and that is BS and it shouldn’t be in the game!

Just like with CAS. When you absolutely would won the game, but little Billy with his 0.5 tank-tank K/D presses his space bar a few times, and then, when your team a second ago was absolutely winning, now has zero chance to win…

You know, like these:

I mean this explains why someone needs to use CAS…
I had to go to page 4 to see a tank with positive K/D, and that was a BR 2.0 M3 Stuart…

That is the exact point of the nukes. It gives individual strong players in a weak team the chance to single handedly win the match.

It didn’t work well with just Vikhrs in the game. Can’t imagine this working out with Spikes and fixed wing CAS with Mavericks/GBUs + thermal pods.

Now, guys, I’m talking about realistic mode I don’t care about arcade mode now you think tanks going to battle without air support come on guys hey you know this is the whole point to put some balance in the game because these players have an unlimited credit card especially the squadrons as War Thunder calls them that have real good players now!. I have a squadron and I don’t have anybody in it but me now because all my members quit playing War Thunder because of the mechanics of the game like trees sinking into the ground and being able to kill a tank threw building when you can’t even see it through the building and the only thing you here is the engine noise but they all know where to hit your Tank and kill it through the building, and that’s why they quit playing War Thunder and radar being able to see through trees which is impossible, you know that’s what I mean!

I was going to reply but holy jesus christ-bouncing run-on sentences Batman… please, punctuation and paragraphs are your friend.

Really. They are. For real.

Okay, I guess I will reply to your word salad after all because I’d not forgive myself if I didn’t…

While I don’t doubt some people spend way too much money on this game (I may occasionally be one of them); doesn’t make them any better. Just take a tiny look at Germany 10.3 and see how well people are doing in their Leo 123’s. I can assure you, the majority of Leo 123 players (and to an extent now Vilkas players) seem to have “skill issues”.

Squadrons? Yeah, if they’re sort of competitive then yes, the people in there will be good - and getting better - which isn’t a problem. Or is it?

No, no, I honestly don’t. If you want to make a point, the first thing you should do is make sure your point can be understood.

(And before we get started, I’m not a native English speaker either - but I do love me some punctuation. And line breaks. And so on. And forth.)

Just shoot the enemy down, or kill them before they get the points…

Please use already created threads to discuss CAS.

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