Placement of crucial modifications is Russian bias?

I returned to playing Top tier USA to finish tech tree because decided that if i had to grind point for event i could at last do it in productive way. Oh man i had to be brutally reminded why i left Abrams line unfinished. The most crucial modifications like Laser rangefinder or thermal vision is always in 4th or 3rd tier of modifications for Major nations tech trees exempt Russia. They have it one tier lower. Most of their tank have laser rangefinder in tier 2 while every tank in top USA, Germany, GB has it in 4th or 3rd line. You can be effective without thermals but without LR you are in huge disadvantage especialy against Russian because without top shell you are only able to destroy t-72 an t-80 series by shooting weak point which are far smaller and harder to hit than in case of Abrams and leopard. Early laser range finder also opens for russian MBT ability to use HE shell to over pressure western MBT, just lase CCTV or Roof MG and shoot there, thats why i have always few HE in my Russian MBTs. Western MBT should have LR in 2nd tier like T-80/BVM/U/B, T-64B , T-72B/B3 and T-90.


This is something we are finding across the board.

Mig 29 SMT has the R73s at T3.
F16C has the Aim-9M at T4.

You will also find this in the Swedish line. Where at Top Tier russia gets darts at T2 and LRF at T3 but Sweden gets Darts and LRF at T4…

This is just one way they do it. Another thing to look at:

Mig 29 cost to ace a crew is 1,080,000SL
F14 & F16 cost 1,100,000SL.

Hey but right now Russia getting bomb by horde F-16C and let me tell you that feel so good

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