PL12 wrong data

1 PL-12 range error// // Issues
2 PL-12 air-to-air missile range data mistake.// // Issues
3 PL-12 should changed to SD-10 // //lssues

PL12 in game have wrong data also AIM120A to

first The range of the PL12 missile is wrong
Moreover, not only J8F can mount PL12 JH7, but also this is a mistake, which is unfair to the Chinese Air Force
Similar configuration does not mean similar performance
In fact, Thunderbolt 12 is AIM120C5 level, but the overload in the game is even lower than AIM120A, 2G, and even 40G, which is abnormal
I don’t know about gaijin , but it’s obviously discrimination.
Israel’s derby also has obvious errors, the angle of the projectile trajectory is too large, and the game data resistance is even greater than R77


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But no the PL-12’s range is where it should be for the initial variant, however, it’s autopilot aggressiveness is severely lacking which is hampering it’s ability to actually put it’s G-loading to use.

The AIM-120C-5 has 50G+ overload while the current AIM-120A is slated at 50Gs, there is no indication that the PL-12 has more than the reported 38G+ limit.

In the case of SD-10 vs PL-12 name wise, they are the same missile, one is the domestic name and one is the name used in the rest of the world and export market, being that this is the global client and the Chinese client no longer exists, it makes sense to use the designation that is used for, well, the rest of the globe.


You are a bit wrong here. SD-10 isn’t completely same as PL-12. It has slightly less range than PL-12. I’m pretty sure there are more differences as well.

this makes no sense.

nvm, misread

I’ve only seen the terms “Thunderbolt-12, PL-12, SD-10, and CH-AA-7 Adze” be used for this one missile type, being the bog standard PL-12. There are statements that the SD-10 is exclusively a export variant, yet I’ve found more internal Chinese documentation calling the missile that than “PL-12” when that is supposedly the domestic title, while I’ve seen “PL-12” show up in foreign export requests pretty much exclusively which should not be the case.

As far as the titling is concerned they are all the same exact missile.

Interestingly, autopilot and G-loading-wise, the PL-12 and AIM-120 are identical atm in-game. Im not sure why the PL-12 lofts more, but I think its related to max fin AOA limiting its ability to pull out of the loft or maybe its tolerance to a higher target angular change:

The Pl-12 range is actually correct in game. I did make an initial bug report on it being incorrect since I was told it was 32km max range and didn’t have access to the dev server to verify that. But no, the range is correct and properly adjusted to 80km for the standards that the Russians use (range is 70km by Chinese standards at lower altitude).

What is incorrect is the seeker is the same/based off the Russian R-77 seeker. And the pitbull range should be 25-32km not the current 16km. Also, in the datamines on Reddit, the JL-10A (JH-7A radar) was updated to have BVR functionality, so there is a chance they add the Pl-12 to it.


No, PL-12 in service is more like SD-10A, which is quite different from early SD-10, with 18kg heavier which is almost all additional fuel. And there are also many small upgrades in it’s development.