PL12 is coming in the next update

I’m absolutely certain that the next version update will include the new active radar-guided missile PL12, as the J-8F has been upgraded to 12.0 BR. For an aircraft with 11.0 BR‘s flight performance (not even good in 11.0 BR), 11.3 BR’s infrared missiles (PL-8, just a large-scale R-60M), and 9.3 BR’s CAS performance, in addition to giving it PL12, there is certainly no reason to put it in 12.0 BR.


Gaijin has already said that advanced fox-3s are coming within the first 2 major updates this year so its a 50-50 chance if they come in the first update. Personally i would like them to release air rb ec first to get some play testing done and to work out the kinks first before they add more fox-3s


I think Python 4 will appear first (and sufa?), and in the next update aim 120 and r77,pl12

praying for the F4F ICE to be implemented intensifies

Why? It will be completely DOA like the Borenado unless they decompress BR severely. Should have been added in the Apex Predators update.

It still has esentially AIM 9Ms together with better FaF ARH AAM

I’m looking forward to more super f4 phantom

Never heard that one.
I assume that the super F4 would be a modernized F4 with AIM 120 or AIM 9M or something like that ?

he did not carry weapons, but had engines from the F15 and a radar from the F15

maybe python 4 and aim 120

This sounds too briliant to be real

This is why I can’t take half this website seriously. The OP said amazingly wrong, inaccurate things (my favorite was how the PL-8 is somehow at all related to the R-60M) and now I write them off as unknowledgable.

I don’t think it’s gonna be DOA if it gets the Aim-9Ms and 120s as they on their own can carry a crap airframe to mediocrity. I have to research more on the ice but if it carry the 120s on the same hardpoints as previous F-4s with sparrows, I would see it as a less agile F-15.

Where did they say this?

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They said it on the Russian update reveal stream for the last major update.

It’s not going to be “entirely” DOA but it will be massively worse than the competition and will be the same BR. The Tornado (all variants basically in WT now and going forward) are going to be that type of aircraft that’s a higher BR than it really should be and only gets score/kills by bullying shit in downtiers or killing unaware/ignorant players in its own BR.

I say this because the Tornado is going to have the exact same weapons and tier of avionics that the other jets have, but will be a shitbrick in comparison regarding its flight characteristics. (Since gaijin refuses to buff this at all)

Could you send where they said it?

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at 50:30

let’s see how slav magic剑畜 turn a aim120c equivalent into a worse than R77 junk

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