PL kicking me out of matches?

I don’t understand what is going on… But this isn’t the first time I have been booted out of a match because I was better than someone… And there is generally no one talking about stuff like this but it needs to be talked about… Just watch this replay and tell me I wasn’t booted out of it…

I was about to do a second strafe on the M163 to send him back to the hangar but no, I was logged out forcefully

Gimme a minute and I’ll get back to you…

(Edit - I’m gonna have to lean to the very unfortunate timing. Packetloss and route drops aren’t very noticable.

Currently myself, I am facing tough times with my ISP that if I’m on a match for 5 minutes, I start having minute packetloss, but it’s ‘there’ and isn’t registering as much as it should be.

I’d keep a very close eye on your PL, and PIng changes, and see if you can even see anything minor. If your ping varies by say 10-20, or your PL even hits 1 or 2 for a second or 3, I’d be delving deeper into the connection side of things)

Not exactly sure who booted me out tho… But it has to be mentioned that there are people capable of this behavior

I have little to no PL overall, the little PL I have is on the NA servers but that is normal considering I live in EU… Straight up logged out is someone booting you out of a match, I have seen this in CoD as well as CSGO as well

Yea, nah, I don’t think they can in this…

People will try and say they can to explain why they got dropped, but I truely doubt it.

I’d absolutely be checking your network, making sure no wifi, best connection speed and no jitter and the rest to really be sure.

I will double check, triple check even… because I was completely logged out, if it was PL issue it would send me to the hangar as per usual

Yea, keep note of if it happens again, but yea, I dunno.

With the new IP ‘stuff’ a LOT of isps are using different techniques to avoid the IP shortage, and I think there could be a bit to this sort of thing.

(Edit - My ISP is messing with mine for instance… My WAN IP on my modem is different to what IP the outside world sees. I’m almost tempted to try a VPN to make it static)

Aha, I think I shouldn’t have a problem with that as I am using an antenna to router setup, no modem in between… Essentially it has a different IP than a modem would have… But I may keep this in mind as I have only experienced this once so far… Only other time I experienced this was a bit more powerful :

I was on my XBOX 360 playing Black Ops 1 as a normal 14 year old would at that time, met this russian guy that wasn’t to happy to have me there and he just turned off my XBOX… It might be possible but if it’s ISP trouble then idk… I tried for 2 months with my ISP to fix a speed issue so, if they are doing that then I am not gonna have that fixed in about 4 months or something lol

Yikes, wifi is even worse man… I’m surprised you haven’t hit issues before if you are on wifi/wireless internet.

This game is INTENSE on actual throughput and packet order and all the crazy things that ‘packet radio’ setup does.

After the speed was fixed I have had no issues overall until this

Also, you down to squad up? I am bored playing alone… Doing Killer Egg things :)

Im playing on wifi with 1MB/s D speed and I never had any issues with connection unless someone on wifi started downloading something. I have stable 60ms ping and 0-1% PL.

You should start by investigating your side first before coming up with theories that someone booted you out of the game which is LMAO certified statement.

I have pretty much resetted my router a hundred times over the span of 2 months, not only that but I generally never have a “log out” mid match out of the blue during an attack on someone else… Seems a little too coincedental in my opinion