Piraña 6x6 Mamba/Blowpipe - The anti-tank anti-aircraft

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Piraña 6x6 Mamba/Blowpipe



  • The construction of the Chilean Mowag Piraña was carried out by Industrias Cardoen and FAMAE (Fabricas y Maestranzas del Ejercito de Chile) in the early 1980s. Industrias Cardoen was a Chilean defense company, owned by Carlos Cardoen. Chile was one of the few countries that had the license from Mowag to be able to build the Pirañas locally, thus building several of these vehicles in different configurations and different types of weapons. In this version, 4 anti-aircraft blowpipe missiles and 2 anti-tank Mamba missiles were installed.

Blowpipe anti-aircraft missiles

Blowpipe missiles have the particularity that they must be guided by means of a joystick (CLOS) by the gunner since they do not have an automatic guidance system, in addition, these were installed for a time in Israeli Gal-class submarines, but were later withdrawn. Being a joystick-guided system and not automatic, the Blowpipe could also be used as an anti-tank if necessary, since the missile is guided manually and the gunner must follow his target all the time.This missile was used during the Falklands War (Malvinas War) by both sides, where the British managed to shoot down an Argentine Aermacchi MB-339 with one of these missiles, while the Argentines managed to shoot down a British Harrier GR3 with one of these missiles.

Mamba anti-tank missiles

This version of the Chilean Piraña also carries the Mamba anti-tank missiles; The Mamba missile is the best version of the missile called Cobra, which was designed by the companies Oerlikon-Contraves and Bölkow GmbH. The Mamba was introduced in 1972 and improved the guidance system, adding a dual thrust motor, the Mamba must also be used with a Joystick for guidance (MCLOS). This version could be seen in different military parades held every year in Chile for the celebration of independence, in some years it could be seen with the Blowpipe and Mamba missiles in the same vehicle, while in other years as in the military parade In 1989 he was seen only with the Blowpipe, in 1992 he was seen only with the Mamba missiles. In the photo in this section of the Piraña you can see it carrying the 2 missile systems, although the exact year is unknown.


  • Crew:
    • 4 (driver, gunner, loader, commander)
  • Armament:
    • Primary: 2 Mamba anti-tank missiles.
      • Mass: 11.2 kg (Mamba)
      • Length: 995 mm (Mamba)
      • Diameter: 120 mm (Mamba)
      • Effective firing range: 300 m to 2,000 m (Mamba)
      • Detonationmechanism: 2.5 kg HEAT or HEAT-fragmentation (Mamba)
      • Maximum speed: 500 km/h
      • Guidance system: MCLOS system
    • Secondary: 4 blowpipe missiles for anti-aircraft defense
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 5.97m
    • Width: 2.5m
    • Height: 1.85m (without weapons)
    • Weight: Total combat weight 10.500 kg
  • Maneuverability:
    • Engine: Detroit diesel 6V-53T
    • Max. speed on roads: 100 km/h
    • Horse Power: 300 HP/2800 RPM
    • Gear box: Allison MT-653
    • Type: Automatic
    • Gears: 5+1
    • Speed in water: 10.5 km/h
    • Power to weight ratio: 28,6 HP/TON
    • Max. gradient: 70%
    • Lateral inclination: 30%
    • Maximum obstacle height: 0,5 ms
    • Turning circle: 11,3 ms
    • Fuel tank capacity: 400 lts.
    • Range: 1.200 kms.
    • Additional system: fire extinguishing system that is activated in the engine once it exceeds a certain temperature. Amphibious capability.






What a peculiar combo! I love it, and I would love to see more like it. +1

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Personally, I would love to see it in the game too, because I don’t know of any other vehicle that is anti-aircraft and at the same time anti-tank, so it could defend itself against tanks and other vehicles if they find it. :)

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Exactly! Plus, it uses weapons which aren’t in the game. That’s always fun.

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