Pindad Harimau: Turkish-Indonesian Skirmisher

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Welcome to my suggestion thread- which covers the Pindad Harimau, a collaborative effort between Indonesia and Turkey, where it is known as the Kaplan MT in the latter.


A next-gen medium-weight tank (similar in role and configuration to a light tank) designed to replace current in-service light tanks of the two nations that collaborated on it. The tank is a very recent development and has only just started its mass production run.


The Modern Medium Weight Tank (MMWT) is a collaborative effort between Turkish defence company FNSS Defence Systems and Indonesian state-owned armament producer PT Pindad, first agreed upon by the two governments in 2015 for a reported price of $30 million. The development phase of the program took around 37 months, with the first prototype being built in Turkey and the second in Indonesia; intellectual property was agreed to be shared between the two nations.

The tank was first unveiled at the 2016 Indonesian Defence Expo along with its technical specifications (more on that later), and first prototype was revealed in 2017. The next year, FNSS told Turkey’s Anadolu news agency that the tank is considered ready for mass production- having passed qualification tests for TNI-AD usage, and that the first batch of tanks numbering 20-25 are available for order beginning late 2018. In 2020, the tank officially entered mass production. On February 28, 2024, the Indonesian Army received 10 out of a total of 18 vehicles ordered. As of right now, AMX-13-105s, the vehicle the Harimau is intended to replace, remains in service with the Indonesian Army.

The MMWT is more similar to a light tank than an MBT, having a Cockerill 105mm high-pressure rifled main gun that can fire NATO-standard 105mm ammunition as well as the Falarick ATGM (A GLGP designed for the 105mm Cockerill gun). The gun is equipped with a thermal jacket, autoloading system, bore evacuator, two-plane stabilizer, and a modern FCS.

Armor protection is rated at STANAG 4569 Level IV protection- able to protect against 14.5x114m AP rounds at 200m fired at 911m/s, but it has a modular armor system that can be upgraded on-the-fly to withstand 25mm APDS-T at 500m with 1258m/s velocity.

The tank is powered by a Caterpillar C13 diesel engine generating 711hp mated to an Allison/Caterpillar X300 transmission, allowing the tank to reach a top speed of 78kph in open roads.


The MMWT can be a 9.7-10.3 BR light tank at Rank VII, with the ability to fire a bewilderingly large array of ammunition including HEAT (non-FS, since it is a rifled gun), HESH, APFSDS, and more (in short, if the 105mm L7 gun can fire it, the 105mm Cockerill gun probably can do so as well), as well as firing a GL-ATGM (the Falarick) in addition to that. There is apparently a version with the Pulat hard-kill APS (the prototype, the APS is not found on the final production version); this version will probably get the 10.3 BR and the non-APS production version gets the 9.7-10.0 BR.

Personally, I’d say it goes in the Japanese tech tree, since that tree seem to be the catch-all for the minor Asian nations (if their vehicles don’t fall into Russia or China) and that tree desperately needs some love, which this thing can provide. Less preferably (since that tree is oversaturated with vehicles) it can go to the US tech tree, which is just as well since the Turkish M60 we have in-game is there. Ofc, I’ll leave the tree choice to you guys.


The tank from the front-left.

Pindad Harimau (dead center) next to a Pandur-based 105mm FSV. Note the open hatch on the tank.
A Pindad Harimau side view, which carries the flags of Indonesia and Turkey, the countries that collaborated on this tank.

An earlier prototype of the Harimau, which is fitted with eight Pulat hard-kill APS; two on the side, one on the front, and one on the back (back launcher is not visible here). These APS are not found on the final production version. This version might make it to WT as a slightly-higher BR “clone” of the same tank.


Kaplan MT MMWT Modern Medium Weight Tank FNSS 105mm CT-CV data

FNSS KAPLAN MT (Medium Tank) Modern Medium Weight Tank (MMWT)


I’d love to have it, especially with the APS. +1

+1 for future Turkish TT. There is some possibility of Japan getting this tank.

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it’s fugly but in a cute way, like a Chihuahua

Here are all the variants.

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Has this been officially adopted by Indonesia already because from what I can remember back during the procurement for the Philippine’s new Light Tank, the Harimau was unable to participate because it wasnt adopted officially by Indonesia as procurement laws require it to be adopted by at least one nation.

yea, recently around 10 has been put in-service


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Video from indonesia Ministry of defense

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