Pilotage Custom Settings

Currently in the Pilotage you are only able to select to spawn Aircraft however there is no option to allow helicopters to be spawned aswell. Many of those in the Pilotage Aerobatics Teams/Communities would love the ability to also spawn Helicopters on Pilotage Airfields with weapons disabled just like all other aircraft so that those who wish to share Helicopter Displays and do formation flights are able to do so without needing to risk going to a none official aerobatics/flying practice custom mode where being shot and killed for no reason is a big threat without the custom owner there to kick the offenders.

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try this:

Helicopters were added shortly after this post, and because of my issue report new airfields where made for pilotage.

If you actually looked about, you’d have found custom versions of pilotage that actually hold all units, and even allow for weapons to be used…

On the WT Live site there’s a lot of custom missions, of which the ‘explore’ variants are good to mess about in.