Pilotage aerobatic map Airfields removal

I know you have gotten some complaints about removing the Airfields from the map. But you didn’t take into account the main people who like that map spend the most GE in the game. so it only benefits you by replacing them back in : ) even though they are cosmetic and not working airfields the people enjoy landing on them and discussing different views about the game so as i said it really benefits you in the long run!

Totally agreed. Fix the ruhr aerobatic map is easy. Even CDK noob like me can do it. Yet the most simple joining bug lasted over 2 years until i put up my third bug report and other bugs splash damage rammers etc are still there ruining our everyday fun.
Do I need to tell the devs how to fix their bugs step by step seriously ?? I think devs are responsible for debugging.

I do believe purchasing over 25k GE and several packs make me fit enough to speak here ?