Petlyakov Pe-2 dive bombers reticle grows larger as you dive?

I have an issue regarding a recent change to the game mechanics involving the PE 2-205 and other PE series dive bombers. Specifically, I’ve noticed that the reticles in Arcade Battles (AB) grow larger as you dive. Why was this change implemented?

This alteration is concerning to me because I frequently grind 180 ground of units on special tasks, or thunder tasks often using PE dive bombers. This change has made the gameplay much more challenging, turning what used to be an enjoyable task into a pain.

Is there anyone else who feels the same way about this change? I’d like to understand the rationale behind it and find out if there are any plans to address this issue in future updates.

The Petlyakov Pe-2 are dive bombers what’s up developers?

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I just noticed this, is it only happening with Pe-2? Probably a bug…