Petition to increase range and accuracy on MANPAD based systems against Helicopters

I did respect your opinion and I RESPECTFULLY said we can agree to disagree. You are quite literally not willing to drop the fact that I don’t agree with you and will not stop arguing. Like a child.
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As I said, just stop replying, ‘agree to disagree’ as you said…

+1 To OP.

The lack of reliability and lethality of Stingers/Manpads after all this time still is damnable.

Hi, yes indeed thy have the actual range:
In a training video of the Bundeswehr they are shooting at a 5km away drone with a 10x10 heat signature maker@ about600 degrees. Just so you know a blade is at around 550 degrees at the edge and 650 at the tip.

Then there is also heaps of video evidence in non controlled but probably with a usual military environment in Eastern Europe.

To your second point:
Modern missiles? Just a reminder but the FIM 92K version is from 2018…. And is found ingame on all of the stinger AA.

The 92K is specifically designed for use against UAV drones. Also equipped with a datalink… woch is also not ingame.

Let me summarize:

Any stinger should have at least 4 km lockon vs Helis based on the facts proposed.
The 92k especially should have even more.
The 92k should also recieve the feature to datalink guide the missile, basically meaning when you have an IRST or nearby friendly radar lock you should ALLWAYS be able to fire the missile and guide it in until it picks up a signature itself, simmilar to pitbull mode on fox 3 missiles.

What do you want him( @Z_nimble_Z ) to say?
„Gaijing lowers a vehicle’s BR or increases performance and it just has an increase in sales as a side effect“?
Gaijin is a buisness and if we from the outside can figure out the correlation of the two facts then they should do just that in practice. If they have at least one data analyst and one marketing man( marketing is not just ads its also sales) they would have found that out in an afternoon.

Stinger lock range against Apache [HRSS equipped] I’ve heard people cite at 2.5km, which is about what it is in War Thunder last I tried.
IDK what you’re asking for.

Premiums have at or higher BRs than tech tree counterparts. Not a single premium is BR’d lower than tech tree versions.

Thank you!

I mean after the changes to sam guidance in general i believe there is no good missile based AA except for pantsir and maybe the adats

Datalink is what im asking for. Because the flir on the Ozelot for example is able to pick up the Apache… and datalink is a real festure on the missile and the vehicle

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The version of Strela we have could fire at Helicopters at around 5KM range, 3.5-4KM guaranteed, in game it cannot even lock some helis at 1.2 KM. This is not just a stinger issue, it is a HELICOPTER issue, helicopters need change to IR signature


I believe the panzer iv 70 some tank destroyer is not only 1 entrie br lower… but has access ammo with about 30%MORE penetration.

but is has armor that can be penetrated by BT-5, unike tech tree version

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If you have more info on data for strela im happy tonput them into the post above feel free to dm or comment

Fair point. But if played stealthy it’s genuinely better

I just changed the title to manpads :)