Petition to allow the Yak-141 to carry R-73s as well as 4x R-27E missiles

The YaK-141 in its current state at 12.0 does relatively fine, but the constant uptiers to 12.7 and going against Su-27s with 6x R-27ERs AND 4x R-73s is, in my opinion, kind of crazy. The Yak-141 is supposed to carry IRL, and was tested with such, 4x R-27Es or 4x R-73s (mix and match as you will.) I feel that the minor additions of these items, as well as a BR raise (12.3 or even 12.7), would not hurt this jet whatsoever and it would perform amazingly.



I disagree , it sits at a very neat BR (12.0) where you get plenty of downtiers, you are limited to just two ERs but whatever, thats a good trade for being able to curbstomp phantoms

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Yak-141 was never complete, gaijin can add any ordnance they want.

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I agree, i was also looking at that same description of its armaments and wanted to start a forum for it today yet you’ve beat me to it. The yak-141 could get its R-77s added in the June update so I see the R-73 as a full possibility. Also adding all its air to surface armaments would be cool

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Yeah but when they give it it’s R-77s it’s gonna be moved up for sure, so it probably will receive its R-73s with the June update, also a fuel tank on it would be so good rn, also with the 12.0 thing, you have the first mig-29 there which is far better then the yak-141

Its prototype was completed and tested with the armaments in which it was intended to carry. It NEVER carried the R-60M missiles and only tested with the R-73, R-77, and R-27 missile platforms.

It’s can’t, it legit had them on launch and they overlaped with eachother. Your own graph proves they can’t carry 4x R27 at all. So yes they should give it r73 with no BR change, it’s honestly a downgrade to take them over the for now possible 4x r27 2x/2xE mix.

Is the ability to “curbstomp phantoms” what we’re basing BR off of now?

i mean, sure, its much nicer to fight phantoms rather than F16s

No it wasn’t. Prototype was unfinished and completely lacked the necessary hardware for radar and weapon suites. It’s current in-game armaments are sheer fiction.

The weapon system and radar were tested on an aircraft with tail number 77…

That image means nothing. It is not proof of the existence of radar and weapon suites.