[Petition] - Replace India with a better Sub-nation

As it currently stands Britain is to host Indian vehicles on our main tech tree. Which is in my opinion. Is one of the worst decisions ever made by Gaijin. It was hoped the T-90 mistake was a one off. But we’ve now gotten another Soviet C&P vehicle which does not belong on the British TT.

The reason for these vehicles are pretty clear. Its easier to add a C&P from a strong nation like Russia, than it is to actually finish the vehicles we’ve got or model entirely new vehicles that would fix the issues we have.

This is a simple request. Move the Mig-21 to the Soviet TT and chose a different Sub-Nation for the British TT (if any at all). its been hard enough getting British built vehicles on the British TT over hte past few years, and now we have to compete with russian C&P as well. There is no chance for Britain getting interesting but niche stuff in the future.

Should India be removed from the British TT and placed elsewhere?

  • Yes
  • No
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What nation should replace India?

  • Canada
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • Another Commonwealth Nation (comment below)
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No cause Russia has too much as it stands tbh India should be its own nantions


That would be a better solution, but as a stopgap, the mig-21 should just go to the nation that built Mig-21s


I’m sorry but at this point you’re just beating an extremely dead horse here. Even IF you get more than 90% of people to vote “yes”, nothing changes the minds of what Gaijin has the final say, and their final say is that India will go to the UK “to allow for varieties of gameplay” and “to boost the tech tree further”.


Yeah… oh well… I just hope the Mig-21 is a total finacial flop and barely sells.


Hell Yeah, let’s add more South African vehicles to Britain.

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Thats not the best case as i got a feeling their gonna get something they shouldn’t i.e. Iran F-14 on Russian premium

Cheatah D would have been an actually interesting premium

R-73 at 11.7 is really crazy, so sry bro :(
And are we already have ANZAC vehicles (AC.IV, CAC planes and Strikemaster) and Canada vehicles (Shink and ADATS) in UK TT? though Germany (new Leo) and US (Abrams AIM) share vehicles in these 2 nation
and AFAIK Australia or New Zealand have more good opinion than India (I saw some players said they dont want to join the country that once colonized them) to UK
PS. I really wonder if M1A1 AIM could use for this achievement

Nah, it better off being in the TT with the Cheetah C

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Its really not though.

2x R-73s on a platform that really isnt that fast, barely has any CMs and limited canon ammo.

Its going to be fighting F-20, F-16s and Mig-29s constantly, not too mention ARH carriers like the ICE.

Tornado F3 at a lower BR has:

  • Twice as many missiles
  • 5x more CMs
  • Better Radar
  • Better RWR
  • Higher Top speed

Heck, The mig-21 isnt even at a higher BR than the Harrier Gr7, which has 4x Aim-9M, MAWS and a 700 CMs.

Not “officially” we are more likely to see Su-30s and Mig-29s in our TT than we are to see the Avro Arrow, or CF-18


I guess next aircraft premium pre-order pack in rank 8 after MiG-21 Bison it might be aircraft from Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF)

RSAF Tornado F3 would have been amazing, would easily outperform the Mig-21 C&P we’ve gotten

Sry for not know how it performed in dev server, I thought it have 4x or even 6x like J-8F, it it have only 2x R-73, then it will be a really tough thing to use it like grinding stock J-8F, hard to get a kill from your Flanker/ Eagle /Falcon teammates and will be easily killed

Gaijin want to make some click bait REDFOR vehicles in BLUFOR :(
and we know really less about Arrow (it’s one of my favorite plane after i know it)

2x R73 and 2x R-27R or R-27T I think is its max loadout, with only 60 CMs. It really is going to be one of Britains weakest fighters at Rank 8

Yeah, Anyone playing the mig-21 should just avoid SIm. You will be TKed constantly


+1 Indian does not fit the UK at all.

They should either be treated like the other dominions as of right now(split up across multiple trees(even those I don’t like that) based on tech) or their own tree(best option).

And for a replacement sub-tree/nation should be the Anglosphere dominions.


Make me reminds someone was be teamkill because he played ZTZ99A in Ground Sim cause Russian main will kill everything without a forged turret

Without R-27Es? then it will be just a worse MiG-23ML, really crazy

Well you cant undo what has been done but as far as cool vehicles go (Bhishma, Bison) I would still much prefer them in USSR tech tree for example. Nations like Canada or Australia with their Leopard / Abrams tanks and F/A-18 jets would be much less controversial than what we’re experiencing rn and could actually help with filling gaps.

Another problem is lack of redfor nations in game (apart from USSR and China) and adding more and more russian tech to UK only creates more confusion in sim battles.


Yeah, Or people playing the T-90. I play with someone who sneaks around the map and then shoots the Russians in the back. I suppose that is one trick for the Mig-21 in SB, so long as you find stuff without IFF on radar like German Tornados.

But in the Tornado Gr1, it will ping as hostile on RWR, look like a hostile and so will always get an Aim-9L fired at it. Im not risking getting within 800m to just check if its a russian or German mig-21 or Indian.

Yep, its really weak, stuipidly weak, and its not even going to be a good grinder. F-4J(UK) is still the better grinder by a significant margin

India is probably just a “premium sub nation” like norway is to sweden or romania is to italy. The amount of indian vehicles will be very small and mostly restricted to premium/squadron/event vehicles.

I don’t see the need to replace them if the c&p russian vehicles is limited outside the tech tree

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