Petition for the HSTV-L to be at 11.0

  • The HSTV-L should stay at 11.7
  • The HSTV-L should be lowered to 11.0
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The TOP TIER light tank isn’t doing good at all when it comes facing tanks with spall liners and superior armored MBTs.

There’s no chance to kill a 2A7 or strvs from the sides or the front so why it’s at 11.7 i don’t get it, it got good mobility yes, good reload even tho it should get 1 second reload instead of 1.5, but the moment u need to face a heavy tank u get only once choice is to aim for the barrel and it’s a small chance to damage it with one shot specially if its a moving target and the shell gonna hit side cheeks.

Buff the round (long overdue), firerate, give it proxy, then give it 11.7 br. Without those things and it’s atrocious round, it doesn’t quite belong at 11.3.

Also why does the poll say “stay at 11.7”, when it’s at 11.3?


A mistake, but it’s still meet 11.7 MBTs so it’s still the same.

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i dont want the poor 10.0’s to be bullied by that little speedy gremlin.
It can get its deserved attention but it shouldnt do down

At 11.0 is totally fine for its speed and armor, downtiered to 10.0 might no happen often.

Oh of course, same as Type 90 and TKX P at 11.0, totally balanced

I mean, if Gaijin thinks the 2S38 is fine at 10.0, I don’t see why the HSTV-L can’t be 10.3.

Now, would I want 9.0-9.3 tanks to face these autoloading menaces? Ummm no.

That’s why it would be better to keep them both at higher BRs.

2S38 current state: 10.0 → 10.7

HSTV-L current state: 11.3 → 11.0

HSTV-L small buff: stay at 11.3

HSTV-L major buff: 11.3 → 11.7

If the HSTV-L was brought up to it’s full IRL capabilities like 1s reload, IRST, HE-VT and M774-like performance, then I believe it’d be worthy of 11.7.


Also i dont see any difference when gaijin changes a vehicle from ,3 to ,7 or vice versa