Persistent FPS Drops in War Thunder: Seeking Solutions

I’m facing frequent FPS drops in War Thunder, especially at the beginning of matches and when I move the camera rapidly. I’m using an RTX 4060 TI and a Ryzen 7 5700x, playing in 4K with DLSS in quality mode. Interestingly, the GPU is being underutilized, yet the performance drops persist, something that only occurs with War Thunder on my system. I’d like to identify which feature is causing this issue. I’ve tested the game with all settings disabled in native 4K and DLSS on ultra texture, and the performance remained steady at 60 FPS, without any frame drops. It seems to be some specific feature responsible for these FPS drops. Is anyone else experiencing this kind of problem? To work around this issue, I’ve tried disabling War Thunder’s VSYNC and enabling Nvidia’s VSYNC, but the problem persists.

I have the same issue on my system

although I’m betting my problem is that I’m using an ultrawide 3440x1080 monitor

however I’ve tweaked settings back and forth, all quality down and all up yet the problem presists

im getting an average 120 fps with occasional drops to 10- 15 fps in intense situations

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It seems that the problem is not our computer, but rather War Thunder itself, which is buggy. I have a Facebook group, and several people are complaining. Apparently, War Thunder is only concerned with releasing premium vehicles instead of fixing the game.

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Same happens to me, i sometimes have framedrops for a splitsecond without any reason.
Sometimes with an update it goes away and with the next it’s back again.

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Just wondering, but, the people with problems, are you running the game with a normal Hard Drive or are you running an SSD?

Hard drives can sometimes have a transfer speed that is not quite up to what the game needs where SSD’s are quicker and best. Slow transfer speed HDD’s can sometimes cause lag, framedrops, freezes, crashes and bandwidth problems. You need to remember that game companies use fast PC’s and I can bet none of them are running any hard drives so do not consider them. They are old tech now. It’s all SSD’s now.

Spaghetti code.

for context my system is:


computing parts: i9 10850K, Quadro RTX 4000

memory: 6.5TB all drives are M.2 SSDs with games running on a different one than the OS( currently unsure on which one I got Warthunder), RAM 2x16GB 3266MB/s
monitor is plugged in via DP, it’s an ultra wide 3440x1080p@144fps

Not sure what’s happening with your system. Your PCU is more than powerfull enough and you have 10 cores, these days you need a minimum of 8 cores. GPU and RAM are fine and you are running SSD’s. You should be running the game fine.

What about your broadband speed? is that quick enough? Ideal ping is 10-40, especially if texture downloads are going on in the background throughout the match. Ping affects more than just gameplay transfer speed between you and the server.

What programs run in the background? Unknown to you unless you look it up, say in Task Manager, you have lots of processes running in the background including Windows updates, anti-virus updates, graphics driver updates, game updates, Adobe updates, background services waiting for hardware inputs form control pads, usb sticks, GPU speed, power and temps, CPU power, speed and temps, etc, etc. lots of background services.

A couple of years ago, I was having problems with game freezes and crashes. It turned out that “AVG Free” was taking up so much CPU resourses when it updated through-out the day, that it would freeze my games and give me massive FPS drops. A little tweaking in the options soon sorted that out.

In the past, I have slated so many games, when at least half the time it was either my PC or other programs running in the background that was serously slowing down a reasonably good PC.

Even top of the line PC’s can have problems, they are not infallable.

I’d recommend disabling DLSS regardless and try enabling war thunder’s vsync. If that doesn’t work simply upgrade your GPU driver and if that also doesn’t work uhhhhhh

It’s spaghetti code. War Thunder naturally tends towards being wonky for everyone. For me, I had a few cases of no sound, black textures, crashes. A few rare ones that I don’t recall but all has happened when your coding is essentially spaghetti and meat sauce.

ping is around 20- 35 however this is definitely not an internet problem, I’ve had those before and know that this is a different issue now

only Spotify and occasionally discord in the background, in Task manager my system isn’t remotely challenged with the game, it’s so calm with Warthunder that I once accidentally had Metro Exodus running in the background and only got a slight FPS drop

all drivers are up to date, game files have been rechecked multiple times

and yet still stutters and FPS drops
I really doubt the problem is my Machine, especially since it seems other people have it too

I may add that those drops are a new thing that started in the last few months

I only mentioned it because i have had those problems myself while slating games in the ,now, distant pass. It’s a process of elimination with PC’s, just like fault diagnosis on every bit of machinery that does not work as it should. I’m also an ex-professional mechanic so i’m also used to fault diagnostic processes.

Every problem in life is a “process of elimination”. Once all other possibilities have been acounted for and ruled out, you are left with only one option, the game coding by the manufacturer. So now you are in my position.

Now you know you have a legitimate complaint, and not just a complaint from a gamer who doesn’t quite understand how a PC works. Do not forget that Gaijin has to respect consumer rights, even if it does not want to, no matter what county they sell in, every country has laws to protect their citizens. Even if they offer it for “free”, they “still” come under consumer laws.

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After conducting thousands of tests, even disabling Windows USB power debugging, since it’s said that War Thunder’s anti-cheat scans USB inputs every time it’s disabled, and even suspecting MSI Afterburner, I discovered that the conflict with War Thunder is caused by NVIDIA’s Overlay. This option needs to be disabled. Where are the War Thunder administrators to complain to NVIDIA? This option remains enabled by default, imagine how many people are having issues because of this official NVIDIA application.

Before, my graphics card stayed at 0% for a few seconds, then jumped to 100% before stabilizing at the correct value of 40%. By deactivating this, I haven’t had any more issues so far. I tested it for two days and the problem hasn’t resurfaced. Looks like that was indeed the issue.

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thank you for your research however my System would still be the oddball here

since I use a quadro instead of a Geforce series card I don’t have Geforce Experience installed and the entire UI for the card is a different one

nonetheless I’ll see if I can replicate your sucess