Pershing at 6.7 Is it not a little high?

OK so new to 6-7 USA Tanks and the Cold war era generally but I expected to see the M26 at around 6 - 6.3 to be in line with Panthers and maybe Tiger E not at 6.7 and inline with the Tiger 2.

Am I judging it all too soon?

I have a 6-6.3 line up which seems fair at its own BR and not bad above but the Pershing at 6.7 doesn’t fit which is a shame as I expected it at the end of WW2 . Im a little wary of 6.7 pushing me into 7.7 where I really dont want to be.

Are others finding the Pershing at 6.7 to be a fair appraisal?

Any tips on how best to play America at 6.3 GRB and what CAS is most useful. I have the premium Corsair at present. I need to grind CAS for USA Cold war and unsure which path to take. Thanks


No it’s definitely overtiered.

Gaijin just likes overtiering alot of the mid/late-war US because IvanBoos and WehraBoos cry whenever their fabled tanks die to US vehicles.

Playing US from 5.0 to 8.0 puts you in the position of having to play more support-oriented because your vehicles are overtiered and/or unfinished in terms of damage model and armament, ontop of relying on CAS use and support more. It’s frankly not an enjoyable experience.

And unfortunately the same discrepancies carry on even into high/top tier.


I’m out of my depth a little and actually quite nervous lol . Yeah surprised by the Pershing at 6.7 ,I’ve seen it around at 6BR plying as Germany but never realized it was 6.7 always think of the Pershing famously taking on the Panther in Cologne and being around the same level.

You are actually right about Ivan this time,its harsh facing the big late IS in a US tank.

It’s completely fair and balanced

I’m a German main and I think the m26 Pershings should be 6.3 or 6.0. The ones that should be 6.7 are the t26 Pershings with armor that can compete with tiger 2.


If you’re not used to playing more support-oriented you’ll have some struggles as you adjust. You can still get some nice plays with it but compared to your contemporaries you have to put more thought and effort in. It still needs to go back to 6.3 though.

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Ngl im playing US 5.7 currently and i love it, and i play it far from “support role”.

Even the Super Pershing cannot compete with the KT. Can still be cleaved clean through even frontally.

The 26E5 has better armor but it’s not invincible, either.


I’d like to fight the people you fight then, lol.

I played 5.7 a lot and love it but Im finding 6.3 a hell of a step. Bit suprised.

I personally have yet to commit to 6.3 to 6.7, spaded super pershing but thats about it.

I have way too much fun abusing short stop stabs on 76mm shermans to let them go.

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USA at 5.-3 5-7 is special for sure.M18/M36 love it

I just imagined the Heavy help would come in at a lower BR

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I think it’s still a decent match up. You need to aim for week spots with the KT against the super Pershing. Hull mg port and side of the turret were ammo is. You can only pen the Mantle flat on. These are similar spots to were the super Pershing would have to aim for on the tiger 2.


Is the Pershing proving to be matched with the Tiger 2 overall?

Unless I end up on city map like sweden, i can manage.

Short stop stabs are powerful but not “killing king tiger frontally” powerful. Managed to do that only once, central point on japan, cutting through tiger II (p) turret face with E8 APHE by sheer luck.

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Only the t26 variants. The long 88 goes right through the m26s. Tiger 2s have to aim for week spots on the t26s and visversa.

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Still cant get over having jackson with heat-fs at 5.7 lmao.

Anyway, assuming we are talking what us heavy could come to 5.7, I mean 75mm Jumbo is workable but def undergunned when uptiered.

Issue is, what is there to add?

76mm jumbo would break the game, pershing would be too oppressive and … thats about it?

Current matchup seems fair to me. Sucks when uptiered sure, but i remember times back when i started playing when 75mm jumbos were at what, 4.3?

And boi i was not having a good time.

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Yeah I guess maybe the 76 jumbo at 6 maybe(maybe not) but not entirely sure ,I’m thinking the Pershing at 6.3 but I know its still early days for me here and I’m no expert at this yet.

Been lucky on the uptier so far. I have always stayed away from 6-3 6-7 because I don’t want to play at 7-3 or 7-7 but not seen to much of that.

Im thinking for Germany at 7-7 I can hide behind armor but not so much for the US.

I’m in a bit of a spot with it all. Plus trying to mod nearly every unit fresh.

Being what would most call “german main”, 7.7 definetively isnt the armored BR. Beside maus, your only other sorta armored option is M48C. Its the BR where the german playstyle radically shifts from armor to mobility.


Yeah I guess I am a mostly German main whatever that is but I just find the WW2- Cold war mix doesn’t work for me. So as much as I would like to play Germany at 6.7 and have the line up I don’t use it. I only recently used the USA line Up I have had for nearly a year with the M109 added just, Hence the post. Too much exotic ammo and 80s APCs darting about for my liking. So far today has been good, facing mostly German/Russian WW2 ,but still getting hammered lol.

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