Permanent Chat Ban Appeal

Well i guess its been a year now since i got chat banned and in that 1 year period i really think a lot “why am i like this” and i really did get over it its starts with you and ends with you. So anyways i thought i could go for a try to make a appeal after 1 year period i was really dumb i accept that i also accept i was being bad against people but there i am i dont know if you all mods accept this but i know what y’all dealing with all day long.

Contact a Game Master and supply your sincere thoughts on your actions.

what how?

i really dont know how the forum works honestly

damn bro i wonder what did you say 💀💀

i really forgot what did i say it has been so long time i survived from a 7.1 magnitude in february in this year so i really dont know

Yes, the forum moderator and the other guys going to remove your ban.

They are actually gonna do thAT?

Why would you ask to have one of the greatest blessings removed from you?

accept it like a man. been chatbanned since 2017.
It provides peace to yourself. believe me.

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If you have question related to in game chat ban, please send a PM to Game Masters.