People who stole marked base while flying better plane that can clean 2 base altogether with this kind of stat are something else

How did you justify this statcard lmfaoooo.

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How do you justify in general?

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“My plane is not good enough rn”

This mf is stealing base with F-15, likely spaded, atp just go further, you’re in better faster plane

How can he steal bases? How do you justify base ownership?


By marking it in the start of the match? genuinely what are you doing defending hardcore wallet warrior this hard? you’re getting paid?

How do you justify that clicking on a base makes it yours? It obviously doesn’t work. You might as well write in allchat “We win the match” and then complain that red team stole your win. That will work about the same. At least he paid for the base.

How do you justify your entitlement?

Sure, I am no welfare warrior.

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I think it is basic etiquette to let someone have a base they pinged, anyway, since this is more about social norms than breaking game rules, the most you can get for stealing a base is getting teamkilled by someone, which in itself breaks the game rules.

I would consider this situation unjustified stealing:
F-111 takes the 2 closer bases from a f-4c phantom while having flares, which puts the f-4c in a likely situation where he simply dies without getting any bases due to not having any flares and the 2 further bases being on a hostile fighter crossout path

The f-111 should have gone for the 2 further bases because it has flares and better speed to escape, this way, both members of the team are happy and more likely to get their rewards instead of causing conflict.

This is still more about social judgement than breaking game rules, but if there is a reasonable way to get better rewards for everyone while also keeping everyone happy, this should be the primary thing to aim towards. But in such a situation, anyone can justify taking a base with ‘‘cry about it’’ since its not against rules.

Now all this fightning and teamkilling simply over the idea of someone owning a base through a map click is unreasonable. You shouldn’t expect to get a base because you clicked it on a map then throw a fit over it when someone takes it. It is simply an act of niceness if someone else lets you have the base you wanted.


I mean I TK’d that bastard, he’s already on 0.5KDA across all plane anyway, plus, like you said, it’s niceties among teammates, if this trash can’t even do something as basic as letting their already disadvantaged teammate take the easier route in worse plane then what would he do in other situation like burning downed plane stalling in the air?

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Well, now you broke the game rules and your anger based decision did not let you get the base you wanted, anyway. The end situation here is that you might get punished for your anger and you got nothing for it. Why dig a deeper hole for yourself?


Thank you very much. I have this habit of writing “all red bases are mine” in chat before anyone pings. That way, I am “good”. My point is, this pinging is pure entitlement. People even ping if they can’t kill the base. Or change their plan if something better opens up. They expect privileges without making any commitment.

And if they teamkill, they don’t deserve any niceness in the first place.

Ironically, the person that demands rule complience is the first to break them. Why am I not surprised?

And you justify this how?

I’m already punished with -22K SL, that’s pretty much fair for what I did. and I get rewarded a total of +10K SL from that game since i’m better than anyone in that particular game, it really only gets me precisely because with better plane he shoudl’ve gone the extra mile as it is infinitely means nothing to him.

Maybe Gaijin can remove the timer they implemented that just creates these types of situations when they can also just increase base health, add more bases or think of something creative to deal with this for once in their lives.

the timer is fine, i’d rather have raid boss style base that need at least 6 plane bomb/rocket load to destroy and have several of them throughout the map so the saturation problem we have in current gameplay loop and the problem of TK over bases can be fixed in one fell swoop.

I don’t since that clearly favors US, but we have a lot of planes that suck at everything due to compression and can only bomb bases but Gaijin decided to put a 5 minute timer on them because who knows why.

That’s easily counterable with the fact that they’ll be too focused to bomb base they forgot their surrounding.

When you enter a plane that can’t get to bases the first, you accept the situation where you may not get the base you want. Don’t enter a match if you can’t accept this situation. You just inconvience people with your entitlement.



You can go back to low br planes if you don’t like how the game mechanics work at high br. And try to stay respectful even if you’re mad

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We can wrap it up:
Rules are only for others, not for him.
Next case…


This post has no opportunity for civil discussion/debate. Pointless to reply to this person