People spamming single tank with tech tree tanks is Gaijin problem not player's

I am playing IKV 91 right now and grind is immensely long for meaningful upgrades. Laser Rangefinder is at the last tier, tank is really slow compared to other auto-gun 70 kmh maniacs, you don’t have smokes to cover you, you are penned by 50 cals everywhere, heat ammo is more like sh*t ammo.

In this case, sorry my GRB friends, but I don’t give a damn fusk about healthy teamplay. I will rush for those last tier upgrade fastly, by any means possible. If it means I use single tank and get to hangar after one death, so be it.

You can insult me or you can ask for change to grind mentality so module unlocks like good shells, smoke grenades and laser rangefinders are unlocked by default, only improvements are behind the long grind.



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I’ve stopped playing with the set-ups for the faster grind and upgrade too. If I get a bad map where I can’t excel my setups or get uptiered, then it better be just 1 spawn 1 death then next game strategy.