People Need to be able to Convert Vehicles back to Tokens

The are so many vehicles right now that are virtually unobtainable due to how dysfunctional the current market system is. Since tokens are consumed and locked to your account, it means a forever dwindling supply of vehicles and skyrocketing prices. What is the point in adding so many vehicles into the game of most people can’t play them?

The solution is simple: let people pay 2000 GE to convert tradeable vehicles back into tokens. This will ensure there is always a healthy supply of vehicles on the market.

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there’s really nothing dysfunctional with the current market system.
If the demand exceeds supply, the price rise.

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And then an SL crate comes along and quarters the price.

Which is nice, it means vehicles arent the gold standard.

So certain vehicles costing thousands of dollars is perfectly functional?

Supply and Demand.
There is low demand->Cheaper
However, if there’s a high demand->expensive.
This is why the E-100 nearly costs over 1k in USD. Cause if it was cheap tons of people would buy it.

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Thanks for the lesson in basic economics, except this isn’t a primary school economics class. thank you.

Gaijin is incredibly niggardly with their SL loot boxes. In fact they are basically a scam. The guy who did a Youtube video and spent 60,000,000 on dragon boxes got nothing except for a few low-tier vehicles. It is not enough to bring down the prices to reasonable levels.

Litterally quartered the price:

From 200 to roughly 50

I find it hilarious that my post was hidden for calling lootboxes a scam.

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Called “luxury”.
Does not need to be available to everyone.

The only ones I can tolerate are the ones giving backups and boosters. Other that’s it, GE ones aren’t worth it since someone will sell them on the marketplace for cheaper. Also, your rude attitude isn’t helping your case.