Penalties for team kills due to team mates ignoring arty

Having had a short break from the game I came back tonight and in my very first game back was penalised 20K SL for team kills with arty due to having called the arty on enemy tanks that were alone at the time, only to have team mates that were so desperate for the kill drive directly into the arty and end up dead. Why should a player be penalised for his team mates ignoring obvious danger and getting killed because they think it’s worth the risk of driving either into arty or directly towards friendly bombs (as has happened before) simply because they just have to have the kill? If a player calls arty well away from friendlies, how can he control the fact that team mates ignore the obvious risk?

How is this any different to having a guy drive through a red light and locking up the guy who drove through a green light and killed him?

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Because the guy going through the green light didn’t call an artillery strike on the guy running the red light

The problem is, how would the game decide if it was deliberate or accidental (because your teammates are morons)?

Unfortunately, if your teammates can’t see the orange smoke, artillery explosions, or the sounds of artillery hitting the ground, there isn’t a lot you can do.

I would have thought it wouldn’t be that hard to implement a system where at least if arty is called and there are no friendly tanks within a given distance of the point where arty is to land, it no longer counts as a team kill if friendly tanks then drive to that point by the time the arty hits and they get killed. The same with friendly bombs. If you drop bombs on an enemy tank, and friendly tanks drive TOWARDS the point the bomb landed after it lands and end up getting killed, it shouldn’t be counted as a team kill. Players should NOT be penalised by Gaijin for the sheer stupidity of team mates. It’s hard enough to compensate for moronic team mates as it is.

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I’m hoping that was sarcasm. In case it wasn’t and you’re not very bright, the OBVIOUS point was that the guy driving through the red light does so either knowing the risk or through sheer stupidity or inattention, and the other driver who was doing the right thing shouldn’t be penalised for it.

And seeing you clearly didn’t read my first post or understand, I did NOT call arty on the friendlies. The friendlies deliberately drove TOWARDS the arty. Do you need me to draw you a picture?

Should be a reverse procedure, if someone needs to call an arty, all close ally units can agree or disagree on it, if anyone disagree, the arty won’t happen.

And only after the arty agreed by teammates, they take own risk for that arty.

Are you serious? By the team the team mates have taken a vote the enemy would be half way across the map and the arty would be pointless. You might as well remove arty completely, OR, at least make friendly munitions whether it be arty or bombs have zero effect on friendly units, like is the case with tank guns. Problem solved.

That’s indeed a good solution, I do agree on it.

Also, the forgiveness system is already planned on roadmap, and the point is clear, the teammate being damaged decides whether the teamkiller should be punished or not. If they do believe going to arty being their own fault, there’s already no issue.

But since we know how the WT Players are, the reaction to the TK will be most of the time (F U) your fault…

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Exactly! How many of these clowns are going to go “Yeah totally my fault. I’m an imbecile. Here have your SL back.”

That’s why I prefer the precondition method, anyway it cannot up to the teamkiller to deny their behavior.

Here we again. This is at least the third post that’s been flagged, probably by the same person with their own agenda and once again Gaijin, you need to do something ASAP as there has been nothing in the posts to warrant it. These are all posts that the mods have deemed fine on the old forum and now that you’ve given people the opportunity to have their little power trips, ANYTHING written by someone they have a problem with will be flagged for the slightest reason. The people who are doing the flagging should themselves be disciplined because all this is going to do is prevent people from expressing their opinions because another user will try to get them banned by constantly flagging their posts.

MODS… Do something about this!!!

why not just change the artillery smoke thats drops? Red/orange for the enemy team, green or blue for allied would help identifying whose artillery drop it is

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Ot just simple remove the coloured smoke completly, thanks…

Yes it was sarcasm, but i’d love for you to draw me a picture of this situation where someone runs a red light and gets blown up

Artillery feels way to under-powered. The amount of times it was raining down on me and doing 0 damage is staggering. Not sure if you can really blame folks for calling in a strike close to your own folks.

19/20 times you get multiple hit markers which are pointless. It is a good spotting tool.

There is enough recent footage what artillery should do. Tho for making it more realistic the mechanic would need to change completely.

Maybe I am wrong and the shells warthunder simulates are somewhat right, but if leopards 2a6 blow up from 1 hit so should we.

Do you want to randomly die more often to something you can do nothing about? It works as a spotting tool, and can kill open vehicles. I wouldnt want it to do anymore, helicopters and drones are bad enough, without artillery becoming an effective tank killer

I did a poll to ask if friendly artillery strike markers should be changed in colour but the mods flagged it as spam. Somehow WT promotes player stupidity.

if anyone disagree, the arty won’t happen .
This is not needed for artillery. It is needed for a nuclear bomb