20mm turrets 4.3

4.3 → 6.0

What? Huh? “Oh hey guys my Arado 196 has 2x 20mm so put it at 3.3 because the spitfire only gets 7.7”

Most Spitfires have 20mm cannons

The ia and iia,

Bombers have 3 Primary attributes that determine BR

  • Speed
  • Defensive Armament
  • Bomb Load

Pe-8 (4.3)

  • Speed: 422 kph
  • Turrets: 1x 20mm (rear), 1x20mm (Dorsal/Rear) 2x 12.7mm (rear), 1x 7.62mm (front)
  • Bomb Load: 4x 1000kg or 1x 5000kg

Lancaster B Mk III (5.3)

  • Speed: 462 kph
  • Turrets: 1x 12.7mm (rear), 1x 7.7mm (front), 1x 7.7mm (dorsal)
  • Bomb load: 14x 1000lb or 1x 12’000lb

Lincoln B MkII (6.0)

  • Speed: 513 kph
  • Turrets: 1x 20mm (Dorsal), 1x 12.7mm (rear) 1x 12.7mm (front)
  • Bomb load: 14x 1000lb

I picked these 2 to compare because the lancaster is the (I think) only other “mega” bomb bomber and the Lincoln is an ideal “20mm” heavy to compare with

Based upon offensive output against attacking fighters. Pe-8 is a clear winner, with a far heavier turret loadout. The 20mms have greater range and accuracy meanwhile the Lancaster has to be near point blank to be effective. All 3 have poor turret coverage, but the main turret and only 20mm gun on the Lincoln is poorly placed, making it impossible to use vs anything below.

Speed is fairly close on the Pe-8 and Lancaster and is a limited factor in BR, though more major difference for the Lincoln

Bomb load is the only area in which BR differences have a big impact. Whilst the Lancaster and Lincoln have the bigger bomb loads the Pe-8 does still have that 5000kg bomb. Whilst the lancaster has just gotten an even bigger bomb, that was very recent and did not affect BR, implying it was over-BRed before. In this regard it depends on what is considered higher value. A greater number of medium bombs or the ability to have a large bomb?

In my opinion. The Pe-8 does have an abnormally low BR. 6.0 would be extreme but would be inline with the normal deployment of 20mms on other bombers. But the Pe-8 is slow comparably and needs to be a factor. That being said, the 5000kg bomb is a potent tool and heavily used in GRB/NRB where speed is less of a factor. I think a BR increase is needed, BR 5.0 might be a more appropriate placement consider turret size and bomb load. Though speed is certainly a consideration in ARB.

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