PC shuts down in the middle of games

Hello, from the update ``la royale´´ I have started having problems with the PC, I played games suddenly the PC shuts down, when I press the power button it works again without problems and does not show any error on the screen , but it is quite annoying that it turns off in the middle of the game.
My PC is:
Ryzen 5 5600x
b550 tomahawk
XFX Rx 6650xt
Samsung 970 evoplus
seasononic 650w

Can you please upload a current dxdiag.txt log to this thread.

I have made a report, there are all the data, including the Dxdiag.

Thank you

Ok, apparently the problem must be mine, I’ve been trying other games and my PC also shuts down randomly. I don’t know what it could be, because the temperature would initially be fine.

Is the dxdiag from the report, your most recent one? Its date is from January 12, 2023. If you need to, I think you can PM me a new dxdiag. Just looking that over, right off the bat I’m seeing a few issues. I’m amazed that motherboard is even posting with that CPU with its current bios being vA0.

Ok, I think I was wrong, now I change the dxdiag for the recent one.

The same day that I assembled the motherboard, I installed the necessary bios for the ryzen 5 5600x using the USB and the install bios button, in fact it has not given me any problems until these last days, I don’t know if it would not have been installed the bios well, or I don’t know what could have happened.In fact, I am almost certain that I installed at least version 7C91vA5, since from that era when the smart access memory that I am currently using with my rx 6650xt worked.

It’s possible, that when you originally used the bios flashback button it flashed, but didn’t update completely, seeing that it’s still showing bios A0 in your new dxdiag. Thankfully it didn’t brick your board.

Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to tell you that you need to update anything like that on your system.

It appears as though your drivers are up to date… in fact you seem to be using a more recent chipset driver than even I am ;) on my X570 board. You could possibly contact technical support as TrickZZter has suggested on the bug reporting site, and see what they suggest.

Ok,relly thanks.

As far as the shutting down in other games as well though… That indicates it could be either a Power supply issue, or an overheating issue. I’ve never had many problems with Seasonic power supplies myself, granted it could depend on how old it is. Are you using the stock cooler that came with your CPU? They work ok, but if the airflow in your case isn’t good, they can be inadequate.

Yes, I also thought that it was either the source or the overheating, but I think it was more the overheating of the gpu and not the cpu, the Ryzen 5 5600x at most reached 70º, instead the rx 6650xt has a temperature of 65º , but the gpu junction temperature reaches almost 120º.

Ahh yeah, that could be the issue right there. Normally they aren’t suppose to go over about 105-110c junction temp without throttling. If it’s throttling and still hitting those junction temps it could be poor contact with the cooler on the GPU core. I doubt it’d be bad thermal paste if it’s only a few months old.

He is one year old and little,and it was going correctly without any problem, until a week ago, although also where I live there is an average of 30º every day, not if it is defective or is it that my box would need much more air flow, although I have 5 fans in it, two putting in air and 3 taking out air.

Is yours the SWFT, the MERC or the QICK?

Hmm that’s a negative pressure setup. What case do you have? I’m not sure if that would effect junction temp though, I think you’d be seeing high temps on both the CPU and GPU if that were causing a major problem. If you’re having regular 30c temp days, those temps aren’t all that bad outside of the junction temp.

As far as I can find, XFX has a 3 year warranty. You might try contacting them and telling them what your system is doing, and what you’re seeing with the junction temps on your graphics card. It’s possible you may end up having to send it to them for repair or exchange or something.

Really the junction temp shouldn’t be anymore than 15-20c hotter than the gpu core temp.

It is the merk, if I have flow fans putting in and taking out air.
my box is this.

I have already contacted the manufacturer, to see what he tells me about the temperature issue. Thanks for the help.

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Regarding your negative pressure setup, it’s unclear how it might affect the junction temperature. Typically, if there was a major problem caused by the setup, you would observe high temperatures on both the CPU and GPU. If you’re experiencing regular 30°C temperature days, those temperatures aren’t particularly worrisome outside of the junction temperature.

According to my knowledge, XFX offers a three-year warranty. It might be worth reaching out to them and explaining the issues you’re encountering, including the junction temperature readings on your graphics card. They might advise you to send it in for repair or exchange.

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I have already contacted XFX to see what they tell me, I have also read that apparently some graphics have very sensitive sensors, that is why the GPU temperature is 65º or so but the GPU junction temperature is higher of 110º. I also realized that the case was not, although it has a front cover it does not raise the temperature more than 3 or 5 degrees, and my ryzen 5 5600x that in principle suffers from heating, at most reaches 76º playing quite a while.
I’ll tell you what the people from XFX tell me, I wrote to them last night and I still haven’t received a response.
Thanks to all for the help.

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Well, at first it seems that everything went quite well for me, I checked the warranty with the seller, they gave me back what it cost me, and since many graphics cards have now gone down in price, I bought the xfx swft 309 RX 6700XT, costing me 40 euros less and even more Resident Evil 4 came as a gift.
I already tried it in War Thunder and the temperatures are good, around 62º in the GPS and 78 to 82º in the GPU junction.

That’s awesome that they did that. No problems with the PC shutting down so far?