PBV 302 (BILL) is so unplayable

After plaing it for some time that vehicles is just unplayable. The 20mm gun with HVAP is even rarely able to destroy a light tanks from the side. the ammount of damage it does is simmilar to the coax .50 on Chieftains tank. And the BILL top down missiles is so unreable that sometimes you are lucky that it only took 2 missiles to kill enemy, I needed to use 4 to killa centauro and this clip i wasnt even able to killa ZSU-23-4 with 2 missiles. Oh and how i died? By ammo detonation when my empty missile launcher that i just fired got hit. Gaijin need to do something to make this vehicle playable.
Sorry for the video being a low quality…needed to compress it due to Forums only tanking files max 4MB big

BR changes are coming, you can make a suggestion for its BR to be lowered

Yeah but what BR? 7.3 It would maybe fit but the ammout of people that would cry that it has top down missile would be way to many


That’s just how top down missiles are in the game, you get the advantage of damaging targets even without line of sight but the penetration is random and the damage even more so. All you can do is shoot more missiles, and a medium tank taking 3+ top downs is normal, especially when it has a big gun and the breech just absorbs the shot. Running out of ammo is actually normal if you don’t just die the moment you try to shoot someone.
The 8-wheelers are probably the worst, the missile not only needs to penetrate and not get snapped out of existence by the busted armor, it also pretty much needs to hit crew directly and then they still have at least 2 more crew left.
They are not bad in general but they sure are inconsistent

I fully agree, it was insane to see this things BR be increased to 8.7. I understand that it was because the whole 8.3 lineup moved up to 8.7, but I would have much rather seen this drop to 8.0 where Sweden also has a good lineup. But most of all I’d just want to see the launchers damagemodel upgraded. I can’t describe how infuriating it is when I’m trying to shoot someone behind cover only to get shot in the empty launcer by a single 30mm autocannon round that somehow kills the whole tank. But as of currently you have no reason to grind it at all, I’m glad they foldered it so no one is forced to play this garbage tank.