Pbv 301 Ksp m/39 "The Prototype"

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History & Details


After phasing out various types of light tanks at the end of the 50s, they explored the possibility of utilizing any of them. Eventually, the strv m/41 was the chosen one out of the different types, available in two versions that differed mainly in length by about 10 cm. The remaining light wagons were of diverse types and only existed in fewer numbers.

The Pbv 301 underwent several prototypes built by Landsverk and Hägglunds, with the latter’s solution deemed the best. All Strv m/41 were then converted to pbv 301 and began to be assigned to units from 1961 onwards. Early on, it became clear that the pbv 301 was a makeshift, cramped, and non-amphibious vehicle, and there were too few of them.

Picture involves a Early Pbv 301 chassis, w a Ksp 39 on a Traversable platform on a ring, as seen above can Almost rotate a full 180, by due to the hatch you can only rotate it 165 degrees. it has the regular Pbv 301 except:

  • Some structural differences
  • Missing smoke launchers
  • Has a Kulspruta m/39 instead of the Akan m/45B
  • Exhaust routed to rear
  • Missing cupolas
  • The design is overall simplified.

Pbv 301 ksp 39

Armament & Ammunition.


The only armament it has is a Ksp m/39 so 1.0

8 × 63 mm Steel core (Standard)
Ksp 39 ammunition AP 1

8 × 63 mm Pansarprojektil m/40 (Upgrade)
Ksp 39 ammunition AP 2 part 1
Ksp 39 ammunition AP 2 part 2


Weight: 11.5 tons
Crew: 2 Crew + 8 Infantry men
Armor: protection against Small arms
Engine: 150 hp
Maximum speed: 45 km/h
Armament: Kulspruta m/39
Calibre: 8 × 63 mm
In service: 1 Prototype
Number in service: 1


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The pbv301 is already pretty garbage imo. Adding another one isnt interesting to me at all. It would just be another vehicle people would have to research


Not just that, this one only has an 8mm mg as armament

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Yeah. Its legit just gonna be a garbage vehicle that noone uses. Its just a waste of time to implement it…


Considered that we have several vehicles with four .30 cal guns as 1.0 SPAA, I don’t think this vehicle will gonna be any useful.

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I do play Sweden as a main nation but i must say i dont see why we should implement this vehicle where it’s area of effect and operation would be heavily contested. What would it bring for capacity to the battlefield? i dont see how you would be able to take down tanks or other IFV’s, however all vehicle suggestions are good suggestions in itself :)

Good work on the information sheet and poll.

Well its tunsten ammunition can penetrate up to 20mm i personally think this alone would make it intresting for a 1.0 Spaa

This is still substantially less pen than the SA18 L/21, M2HB and DShK.
At the most minor of angles or distances the shell penetration would drop below unusable standards.
Especially considering that, if implemented, this would likely be the first available SPAA and would be an absolutely horrendous introduction for new players.


Would it be bad? Yes. Would i play it? Yes.

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