Pay for pain

Bro I want to take the mirage premium but it’s just terrible to grind an all three omg…

Guys did you think the mirage premium is a good idea or it’s just a nightmare to grind the French three with?

The mitage f1c-200 is decent, and if you need a good grinder then its the right choice, but its not the best


Thx you for answer mate!
really? I hope he is ok for his BR it’s why I’m afraid :S

Did you have a suggestion for a better choice? :p

Its the best choice for french top tier air

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Be a chad, do FTP grind. Jk, so whatever you like, just look at the stats and the efficiency of SL and RP.

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I love my F1C. Doing multirole gets great results.

The Mirage IIIE is a beautiful plane.

Wait for the post xmas sale, you might be able to get it reduced. It was available at 50% off in november.

The F1C-200 is an alright plane for its BR. It has a decent top speed and the magic 2’s are a great asset at 11.3 This on top of the 530F (although very frustrating to use) makes for a good loadout in both the IR and radar area of missiles. Be mindful that this is not a good dogfighter compared to other aircraft but it does get combat flaps.
All that summed up with the huge amount of countermeasures you get makes for an interesting aircraft that will make the grind a lot more fun then the previous option that France had to offer (the Milan).

Do wait for the sales though! you might as well spend the money you save on something else :D

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Thank you A LOT for your answer brother.

I hope the best for you ig and irl