Patrouillenboot P-80 - Swiss overlooked Naval Forces.

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Hi Guys. :)

Today i want to suggest a Ship from the Swiss Navy i want to see being added to War Thunder.
Let me present to you the Swiss army’s “Motorbootkompanies’s” Patrouillenboot P-80 Class Patrol Boat for War Thunder at Rank 1 in the Coastal Tree.



Despite being landlocked. The Swiss has always during their era of neutrality had a demand for having one the most well prepared armies in the world. And this also include their lake waterfront which Switzerland shares with countries such as France at Lake Geneva or Lake Constance with Germany.

In the 1980’s the Swiss was looking at acquiring a fully trained company of a few dusin patrol boats. The reason behind this is due to the Swiss having It’s border at easy to get to waterfronts and even though it is not expected the Swiss navy would have to deal with Nato powers violating it’s border. It is expected it may have to deal with missions such as Criminal organisation smuggling goods such as counterfits, drugs and arms in and out it’s lakes and waterfronts.

The first 11 boats was built in Switzerland under the designation “Patrouillenboot P-80”. It’s mission is to basically patrol the lakes and engage in any suspicious activity happening around the border.
As of today. The P-80 Class Patrol Boat is being used alongside the newer P-16 Class Patrol boat which uses newer conponents with remote controlled 12.7mm weapons station instead of manual weapon stations with better navigation system and thermal cameras.



Crew. 12.
Guns. 2x 12.7mm M2 Browning Machine Guns.
Weight. 6.000 kg empty + 1.500 full.
Length. 10.7 meter length, 3.24 meter width, 3.1 meter height, 1.1 meter water depth.
Speed. 60 kph.
Armor. None.
Engine. 2x Volvo-Penta KAD 43 P-A.

In War Thunder

In War Thunder i hope we will see this interresting ship represented ingame. The story behind it is trully inuque and could fit well at Rank 1 in the game at Br 1.3 or reserve tier.
And im sure that there will be a place for the Swiss navy in War Thunder and it will arrive at some point in whatever form. Like in my humble opinion as a Sub-Tree for Italy. Or as an independent tech tree as suggested by multiple users on the sub-forum where the Swiss Navy will have it’s own Rank 1 Micro Naval Tree ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).


I hope you liked the suggestion of the P-80 patrol boat. Im leaving other Swiss naval ships to be suggested by other users on the forums. ( Like the P-16 Patrol Boat )


“Old Suggestion”.
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