Pathetic British Coastal Top Tier

Peacock, wheres the ammo? It has one gun that dies if the wind is too strong… it doesn’t turn and barely moves. Yet you still don’t give it the correct ammo (which is barely enough to kill anything other than a couple of moving wooden boats). Is it OP to give it correct amount of ammo considering the one gun is useless? I think not, given the grind to get here and the cost to buy such a useless peice of rubbish… could we have correct ammo? It has like 115 compared to SKR-7 1952! Not forgetting this broken Coastal vehicle has torp and rockets etc… like HELLO!!!

I was like maybe I will give Gaijin some money an have fun with the Orla oh wait it has 115 ammo also! Your charging money for that experience (If i hadn’t noticed the ammo I would have literally felt scammed lol).

Then there is the Leopard which is OK, nothing special… hard to enjoy mind cos the model is broken and theres a sailor flying in circles like he is the RADAR. I mean are you seriously asking for cash for these things?

Anyone reading this thinking about doing british Coastal forget about it and certainly dont hand over any cash whatsoever in this current state. Totally not worth the months of grind or your well earned cash.

Oh and on top of that it has possibly the worst set of fishing boats to use for those months of grinding to get this trash experience at the end… those useless fishing boats (fairmiles) were actually better than the Peacock in all honesty.

And I forgot there is not enough time in a match to even reload the ammo if you make it to a point at that speed! Restock time is ridiculous.


Generally agree, but the comparison between the Peacock and Pr.159 isn’t worth it.
The 159 is a bigger ship of a higher BR, and it’s amongst the most capable coastal ship.
The Peacock is really getting clowned on by things at it’s own BR, without even having to touch bluewaters. Specifically the Albatross and Bussard that have half the displacement and yet enjoy 400 rounds per gun and are generally superior in any conceivable aspect, aside from the Peacock enabling you to get abused for a longer period of time.

Anyway, high tier coastal is a wasteland for a reason, being the complete lack of purpose in game. Once you put aside the bluewaters in disguise like the Kölns, Rigas, and SKR-1/7, no 4.3 PT boat would be able to stand up to a 4.3 bluewater, and even a 3.7 one nearly a full BR below will be unkillable at equal skill level.

Well I compare on the basis on balance (if this was the decision behind it). If you remove the ammo from Orla or Peacock on basis of balance then certainly give SKR-7 less than 100 because it is broken in costal frankly.

Anyways peacock/orla need the ability to spam the one main gun it has because the gun dies instantly. It wont help win most fights but saves wondering around either unable to fire cos guns dead or just wandering around at no speed without any ammo to fire.

Which is pointless experience :)

Edit just saw the repair cost also 9000 silver lions compared to the Graftons 900 which is in the same BR line up … the Grafton is leaps and bounds better than the Peacock!

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I’ve been advocating for the Peacock to go down for a while now, I am also aware of the bug report that got shut down on the ground that ammo count was on a mount basis and not a ship basis. Nowhere was balance mentioned in that debacle.

I get that people are passionate about the SKR, but it’s completely pointless to bring it up in every coastal balance discussion because it’s an outlier like the Köln. How does it help the case of the Peacock to know the SKR is far better ? Gaijin doesn’t care, the SKR is at a higher BR as it should, so they’re not going to see an issue here.
The coastal balance isn’t whack because the SKR exists, it’s whack because they have to compete with bluewaters. If we consider the Peacock to be a true 3.7, wich it is absolutely not, and we compare it to what the MM is going to see as a fair matchup, we get the T22 that will be impossible to kill for the Peacock, no matter what is attempted. There are 3.3 that will wipe the floor with a Peacock.

In order to achieve something for the Peacock class it’s far better to focus on Gaijin’s claim that ammo count is unified for mounts, wich is clearly a lie as demonstrated by the Albatros, than to reach for the SKR yet again.
I don’t see them massively change naval in the foreseeable future, so that and a BR change is all that can be done for it.

And I do own the Orla, wich is why I care about the Peacock. And much like you, I did know it was garbage before buying it so it’s not that I felt scammed, but I just like modern frigates, so I want modern frigates to be playable.

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Ohh G’day ATWAR we met a few times yesterday, Unfortunately yes the poms are in a sorry state especially their frigates & destroyer escort along with corvettes.

It doesn’t make sense that the Peacock class only has 115 shells, It should probably have more shells for such a ships size especially when the Type 143 gets 400 shells per OTO 76/62 mount.

The closest ship to this corvette is the Project 1241.2 imo although with a weaker hull DM it’s AK-176M has 172 shells although it also gets Set-40 torpedoes, RBU-1200’s & a MOFO AK-630 CIWS (there’s also the similar sized Project 1331M corvette but gets better torps & RBU-6000’s but gets a DD spawn, essentially what was repairing you a few times yesterday on franz joseph land).

The Type 41 AA Frigate imho is a shard of it’s former self as prior to update 2.17 the HMS Leopard F14 could tank damage and had eight engine blocks vs the three now rarely caught fire and crew didn’t get melted by light AA fire nor certain 76 mm shells.

Barring DM’s economics wise it’s the most expensive ship in game with an astonishingly high repair which used to be higher but 60 sl shells that rack up quickly sometimes leading to -50k sl matches and up to 72k if you expend all ammunition without using HE shells, This vessel is deemed a money sink especially if F2P and I know there’s some crazy players that are still F2P grinding these ships.

Hopefully someday soon they gives the brits some latter frigates like the Type 21 or Type 23 or further Canadian Destroyer Escorts or hell even a full blown Destroyer since there’s technically one at Rank V, Hell I’d take a Type 12M/12I if it has SAM’s or AShM’s or both.

Yes the Fairmiles are some of the worst ships you can ever have to play, I personally just skipped most of them tbh especially when most matches have german Minensuchboot in them to 1hit every Fairmile ntm you can’t do shit to due to the coal bunkers and iirc dd dm.

For the last point they recently made it so non automatic artillery pieces reload quicker at cap points but I hope they expand this to automatic artillery pieces soon as yes some ships take way way to long to reload ESPECIALLY in EC (Ohh the joys of waiting 20 minutes to reload one set of 3"/50 Mk.22 cannons belts which is funny since the x-ray & historical information state & show they were never belt fed)…

I bought the two premium coastal and feels scammed. They just arent good. The whole of the RN and Commonwealth nations to pick from and this is the best they can manage?

The Orla gun and bridge basically go down the instant you take fire. The 76 mm SAP packs a punch, don’t get me wrong. But you can barely ever fire the thing. If you dont shoot first its over. Compared to the veritable wall of bullets and shells that come off other vessels its very lacklustre. And the fact the bridge goes down straight away mean you cant take evasive action, even if you had the speed to take advantage.

I guess the advantage of the Whitby is that its forward gun position means you can poke. It gets the same deployment options as a destroyer, but is slower, with less weaponry and lower armour. It gets the mortar which for the life of me I cant see how youd actually use given its very limited aiming capacity and the fact you start so far away. I genuinely cant see why you would take a Frigate in any situation over a Destroyer of the same grade. I know technically “coastal” is its own game type but I’ve literally never seen any players in that queue so its a dead game mode.

I’ve asked for a refund but I doubt Ill get it.

In Gaijins defense I did actually find the post asking for the class to be added. Obviously totally agree with you though and can’t be nice to have bought these under any circumstances.

I myself enjoy using Coastal in bluewater matches with some good success depending on the boat obviously. I do have the Hood and Malborough but I have more fun in the Coastal stuff usually.

400 shells sounds like a good start RedFox, hopefully something can happen as I feel like I totally wasted months of stress and grind only to waste 1,000,000 silver lions on something I have no intention of using after spading. Not even economically viable as you say.