PARS3 Launcher error?

HI everyone if there are any mistakes in the following words please be more tolerant because English is not my native language. I have to use translation software. When I was playing UHT I found that the launcher of UHT PARS3 is a bit too heavy? Look at other countries’ helicopter mounts. The launcher basically doesn’t weigh much. But the German PARS3 launcher weighs 68kg. Is this a bug or is the PARS3 launcher just that heavy? I can’t imagine PARS3 being an early 20th century missile and having such a heavy launcher.

As far as I know, the PARS 3 launcher comes with a lot of cooling equipment to cool down the seeker heads of the missiles. The advantage is that the missile seekers can be cooled much longer and the missiles do not need to be fired after activation. In reality a lot of missiles have a limited time during which they can cool their seekers and this means if the cooling system/battery runs out the missile doesn’t work anymore because it cannot cool down the seeker to operating temperature anymore, at least not for that mission. I assume they could be recharged/fixed in maintenance, but I’m no expert on that topic either.
The PARS 3 launcher “fixes” that, but I guess that is why it also weighs more, because it provides these cooling mechanisms.
War Thunder doesn’t really model these details of cooling mechanisms so that doesn’t translate well into the game I guess.

Ah, I see. Thank you very much for your answer, it makes me learn a lot.